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Averof Neophytou at the DISY conference: “Our homeland is the whole of Cyprus, our heart is Greece and the future is Europe”

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The political-ideological conference of the Democratic Alarm continued on Saturday. The conference was addressed by Ministers and Undersecretaries, European Commissioners Margaritis Schoinas and Stella Kyriakidou, the party's top leadership, MPs and other officials as well as delegates, among others.

According to KYPE, in his introductory speech, the President of DISY and candidate for President of the Republic Averof Neophytou referred, among other things, to the Cyprus issue, saying that “as long as there is occupation for us Cypriots it will be the first issue because we do not compromise with barbed wire” . “We will do everything we can to reunite our divided homeland. “This shame of having a European capital divided must be replaced as soon as possible with a united European Cyprus”, noted Mr. Neophytou.

Announcing the end of the conference in the afternoon, Mr. President of DISY noted that “our homeland is one and it is Cyprus, our heart is Greece and our future is Europe” and clarified that “it is not for DISY to remain in power that we will give this difficult battle . It is to keep our place moving forward. “

Addressing Margaritis Schoinas, he said about immigration that “we are in danger here in Cyprus of becoming similar to our national issue”. Regarding the crisis in Ukraine, he said that “it gives Europe the opportunity to fill another gap to have a common credible defense and security policy but also a common policy on energy issues.” He also praised Stella Kyriakidou for handling the health crisis.

In his speech, the Vice President of the European Commission, Margaritis Schoinas said that the accession of Cyprus as a whole is the greatest diplomatic success of Hellenism after the accession of Greece to the United Europe. “I assure you that its unified form and dimension will always be the sole goal and the exclusive pursuit of the EU, the only way for a sustainable solution and the reunification of the island. “This is our only agenda against the illegal occupation as a result of the violent invasion of Cyprus”, he said.

Referring to Turkey, he said that it was clear that, as in any chapter, it was a decision of our neighbors to become part of the modernization, development and prosperity of our peoples in the SE Mediterranean “why we assure you we will never make any discount on our criteria or dowry. They must become Europe, Europe will never be like them. “

He expressed his support for DISY President Averof Neophytou, saying that in Cyprus we need a leadership with a steady pace and pulse that beats in the rhythm of its European path.

The Cypriot Commissioner in the Commission, Stella Kyriakidou, said that we do not have the luxury, except to be absolutely focused on solving our national problem. “Because only with the reunification of our country, our people will be able to live in real conditions of security, peace and prosperity. This must always be our national compass. Our absolute national goal “.

He noted that for more than a decade we live in an era of asymmetric threats, successive crises, technological revolutions.

“We are living in a new era. An era in which our leadership plays a decisive role. Either in Europe or in Cyprus. The leadership that is important to be chosen based on the ability to properly manage this new era we are going through. Over & # 8217; “We have to be useful to our country, to our fellow citizens,” she said.

Parliament Speaker Annita Dimitriou stated that from her position at home and abroad “. He called on the people to protect the faction against opportunists. He spoke of the need to adhere to principles, values ​​and ideals. To talk, he said, about policies “and not to hide behind communication fireworks and proclamations”.

Addressing Mr. Neophytou, she told him that “I trust you completely to lead for the future that our country is entitled to”. I am sure that together, with unity, courage and stubbornness we will succeed. Next to you, President, and with you. That is how we learned to act and that is how we will act with consistency and dignity, a political dignity that does not allow us to deviate or get carried away, he said. “Because the future belongs and must belong to those who believe and fight for their dreams”, noted Ms. Dimitriou.

In her speech, the former Secretary General of the European People's Party leader Antonio Lopez Isturiz White said Turkey must decide what future it wants, a future of good neighborliness or a future where it provokes conflicts with its neighbors.

DISY, he said, in this time we live in, is the party of stability and added that despite the challenges we face, thanks to the leadership of President Anastasiadis and “the next President Averof Neophytos & # 8221 ;, I remain optimistic about the European future of Cyprus “.

The people of Cyprus, he said, saw the effects of the Left and added that we need professionals, people who work hard, such as the leadership of DISY.

Finance Minister Petridis said the coming years would be crucial as we enter a new uncertainty and said the country needed the right leadership, a leader like Averof Neophytou

O DISY, he said, took the country forward and successfully emerged from two crises, the economic and the pandemic, while stating that today it is handling a third crisis.

“Society must not take other risks, the guarantee and stability is heard in one name, Averof Neophytou “, he concluded.

The Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipandella, spoke about the difficult international times and said that we must be twice and three times more careful in our choices.

The urgency of the moments, he noted, does not allow games with fire. it is time for the right choices. The present and the future of this place have a name, Averof Neophytou, he said.

He finally spoke about the health reform, the GESY but also the management of the pandemic.


The Minister of Interior, Nikos Nouris, referred to the work of the government, saying that he enjoys the trust of the citizens, as was evident from the parliamentary elections. Today, he said, in a period of international instability, the country needs the government of DISY with Averof Neophytou, who showed that in difficult times the actions count.

He spoke about the new challenge facing the country, the immigration, a problem he said, with Attila as the perpetrator and moral creator, as well as with the invasion. Turkey, he said, is a trafficker of human souls with the aim of changing the demographic structure of the country and spoke of a new hybrid threat. He welcomed, however, the recent decisions taken by the EU in Luxembourg on the need to relocate migrants, returns and the recognition that the green line is our Achilles' heel.

The Minister of Energy Natasa Peleidou briefly referred to the work of her Ministry, while referring to Averof Neophytou she praised the President of DISY saying that we support him because on his own he can take our place far ahead, especially if he has the support of all us.

Transport Minister Giannis Karousos said that we have shown that we can manage crises to be useful to the place rather than liked. The opposition, he said, is trying to nullify the work of the government to remove us, endangering the future of the place, but it will not succeed. He also spoke about the projects being carried out by the Ministry of Transport, saying that Cyprus is a construction site.

Defense Minister Charalambos Petridis said that the Ministry is working to develop operational capacity so that Cyprus can be in a security environment while he also spoke about the important defense cooperation and armament programs.

The coming years are considered critical by all and he said that Cyprus needs knowledge and experience and to stand on the right side of history. Averof Neophytou, he said, has the ability to lead our country forward, he concluded.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios said that the world of tourism is grateful to President Anastasiadis for the decision to create the Ministry of Tourism and for the tourism vision of the Government. From the moment of its creation, he said, we have faced many difficulties, with the bankruptcy of important foreign tourism companies, the war in Ukraine, inflation, the pandemic. The fact that our tourism has not knelt down is due to the insight of the Government, he said.

He spoke about the work of the Ministry of State and its strategy to make Cyprus by 2030 a full-time and higher quality tourist destination, saying that they changed the identity of the tourist product of Cyprus. Finally, Mr. Perdios expressed his full support for Averof Neophytou.

Referring to the threats from Turkey, he said that we are called to be united now as never before and expressed his support to Averof Neophytou about the elections, saying that these elections have to do with who has a vision for our country and who will make difficult decisions when necessary.

Undersecretary of Shipping Vassilis Dimitriadis said the government had given a new impetus to extroverted shipping. “This faction has taught us to be honest and outgoing, to listen to citizens and industry and turn them into action,” he said. He also spoke about the sea passenger connection of Cyprus & # 8211; Of Greece. Cyprus wants a captain to lead the crew safely and that is Averof Neophytou, he concluded.

Government Spokesman Marios Pelekanos said that this is not a battle of Averof Neophytos but a battle of DISY. He said there was an uncontrollable rise in populism and a lot of fake news, adding: “Woe to us if we allow every populist to take the reins of power.” Governance has achieved a lot, in the economy, in foreign policy and today we have a number of partnerships with neighboring countries and the US. The only one who guarantees its continuation, he concluded, is Averof Neophytou.

MEP Lefteris Christoforou said that the European Union and the EPP go together and the battles won today were won with the timeless support of the EPP.

each of us and when we fight today, it is our personal battle, a vote for Averof Neophytou means a vote for DISY, a vote for a strong and strong Cyprus in the EU.

DISY, he said, saved the country from bankruptcy, included Cyprus in the EU, and wondered where our Cyprus would be today if it were not a member of the EU.

The Mayor Paphos Phaedon Phaedon spoke about the big problem of immigration, which particularly plagues Paphos, saying that 40.2% of the inhabitants of Paphos are non-Cypriots. Clear policies are needed, he said, adding that the government needs to step up and solve problems on the substance.

He also spoke about corruption, saying that we have laws but they are not implemented and that is why we need a culture. The corrupt must be removed and the people have an infallible criterion, when the people see this they will give you not only a third chance but also a fifth opportunity for governance, he concluded.

The conference unanimously approved the political and ideological manifesto of the party.

During yesterday's first day of the conference they spoke among others, the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis, the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis the President of the party Averof Neophytou and the President of the European People's Party Manfred Weber.

According to the program, the conference is addressed today by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ministers, Members of DISY, European Commissioners Margaritis Schoinas and Stella Kyriakidou, the Supreme Leadership, Members of Parliament and MEPs, Mayors and other Officials. In b & # 8217; Part of the conference today will be the presentation and approval of texts such as the Ideological Manifesto of the Democratic Alarm and The Cyprus of the Next Day.

The final speech will be made by the President of DISY and candidate for the presidency of the Republic Averof Neophytou.

Frontal attack on AKEL, DIKO and references with the glove to Nikos Christodoulidis

With a frontal attack on AKEL, DIKO, but also references with the glove to Nikos Christodoulidis began the speech of the president of DISY and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, during the first day of the ideological and political congress of the ruling party .

Referring to the “catastrophic course” of the two opposition parties, Mr. Neophytou, addressing President Anastasiadis, said that DISY together with the PD “wrote a new victory story for the collective good”.

Addressing The Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Mr. Neophytou pointed out that with him at the helm, “Greece is a reliable, strong country. Seeking cooperation. But it does not give in to the threat. “

Speaking to the president of the European People's Party, Manfred Weber, the president of DISY thanked him for his support to both Cyprus and the Democratic Alarm.

This is the speech of Averof Neophytos: < Dear President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis,

Dear Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic and President of the New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, European People's Party, my dear friend Manfred Weber,


Friends from all over Cyprus,

Proud youth of the blue generation,


You are all here!

With enthusiasm.

< p> With confidence.

With faith in our ideas.

That put into practice the inexhaustible possibilities of our homeland.

That give way and opportunities to the new generation .

Together again. As always.

For another difficult battle.

From the ones we are used to giving

And they made a mistake.

Because, the more they challenge us, the more they unite us.

the more they strengthen us.

Because they know:

That the Democratic Alarm is the guarantee of the security, stability and prosperity of our country.

It is the compass of our homeland.

We have proved it for the last nine years, under the government of Nikos Anastasiadis.And you have successfully managed two global crises.

One economic and one health.

You have given us a way out and a perspective on the most difficult period in our history after 74.

Thank you President .

The Democratic Alarm has written with you a new victory story for the collective good.

Friends and friends,

The time to come,

the time of turmoil, uncertainty and rapid change,
our country needs the Democratic Alarm again.

Because it needs a compass.

Clear direction.

Fixed line.

And the direction of the country is here, symbolically, in the first row:




< strong> Cyprus is our homeland, Greece is our heart and Europe is our future.

First of all, a Cyprus that will continue to be reliable.

With strong regional peace partnerships.

That honors its history and its alliances.

Who knows who it is and where it wants to go.

That operates on the basis of principles.

That does not hide .

Does not turn a blind eye to intruders.

Does not avoid taking a position.

Does not step on two boats.

And steadily next to us a strong Greece .

Mr. Prime Minister, dear friend Kyriakos,

Your presence gives us strength . Confidence and optimism.

With you at the helm, Greece is a credible, strong country.

Seeking cooperation.

But it is not giving up under threat.

You fought against the weather.

And you did it.

Thanks to you, Greece enters a new, virtuous circle development and respect.

Greek women and men regain their dignity.

And move around again with their heads held high.

The Democratic Alarm, the Greeks of Cyprus,
We greet you with appreciation and admiration.

Because when Greece is strong, we share the pride.

As we felt in your historic speech.

When the Congress stood up, it adored you!

Yes, this Greece makes us proud.

When Greece is strong, Cyprus is equally strong .

And at the same time: when Cyprus is credible, it makes Greece's goals easier.

Cyprus and Greece are today an axis of peace and security.

Democracy and cooperation.

On the borders of Southeastern Europe. From Evros to Cape Greco.

For the purpose of mutually beneficial cooperation of all countries in the region.

Zero exceptions. And Turkey, if it so wishes.

But with a strict condition:

Respect for the sovereignty and integrity of each country, and international law.

And with us, Europe, friends.

And the European People's Party.

The biggest and most historic party of Europe.

The party of the Visionaries and the Founders of the Union.

which always supports our Cyprus.

Condemns the Turkish invasion.


And demands the start of talks.

For a working solution.

Without occupying armies and Turkish guarantees.

Dear Manfred, thank you for being here with us today.

Thank you for the firm support you offer to Cyprus and to my party.

< p> This is the Democratic Alarm, friends.

Beyond Averoff, beyond anyone.

It's the team, the whole.

It's history.

It's our confidence for today and tomorrow.

They are our values ​​and principles.

Our positions and programs.

These are the national and political struggles of our people.

For freedom.

For democracy.

For the betterment of everyone's lives.

The Democratic Alarm is the great choices that determined our future.

It is the accession to the European Union.

Thanks to the vision and strategy of our founder Glafkos Clerides.

(Report to Katie)

It is the development and upgrading of the standard of living.

Social protection.

The GESY. The Minimum Guaranteed Income.

The Recovery and Resilience Fund.

It is the bold reforms that loosen the hands of the people.

And make their lives easier .

The Democratic Alarm is all of you
who came to our pre-conference dialogue.

In every corner of our free homeland.

For to hear. To assist. Discuss.

And to suggest ideas and practical solutions for the next day of our Cyprus.

This is how we write our political and pre-election programs.

Openly. Massively.

And democratically.

We draw on the vast reservoir of our experience and ideas.

In this fluid and uncertain environment, we are opening a new one today chapter.

We formulate the ideas and the program that will ensure the next day of Cyprus.

And as always, we choose to be useful and beneficial in the homeland.

Citizens have suffered and learned.

Because, you know, the easy and the big words,
are hollow words.


Which, almost always end up in danger. And disasters.

The citizen does not need easy and big words.

He needs to be protected from dangers.

He needs a modern and reliable state that serves him.

This has always been my position.

Even if I go against the flow.

Because our proposal, friends,

stands against populism that destroys countries economically.

And the pseudo-patriotism that leads to national adventures.

We stand against the demagogy of apolitics and lifestyle.

Our proposal follows the path of responsibility , as the history of the Democratic Alarm protects.

Glafkos Clerides's patriotic realism guides us:

And for our foreign policy.

And for our national issue .

But also for internal governance.

In the economy, slogans are easy.

Wishes and the promises.

We know this work.

We lived populism in our own skin.

And the we paid dearly.

With a haircut.

Years of memorandum obligations and international supervision.


The path of social policy
does not pass through social groceries.

Goes through growth and investment.

Young and Young

Goes through job creation.

We want wealth to be produced for all.

Those who recycle poverty.

They want to represent the good Samaritan.

But the good Samaritan, no one would know him
if he did not have money to share!

As in the Cyprus issue, there is one way:

Talks for a solution based on a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation.

A decentralized federation, as you have mentioned, President .

Autonomy in the two component states on everyday issues.

With political – not numerical – equality.

The central government for the serious:

A sovereignty.

An international figure.

One citizenship.

Unified economy and central utilization of natural resources.

With the solution, to include all our neighboring countries in the energy equation.

Not excluding Turkey.

Arrives with taboos:

Cyprus to join NATO!

This is the only way to a secure, united and European Cyprus.


Security is not a given.

Stability is not a given.

The development is not a given.

One spark is enough to bring fire.

Amateurism and improvisation do not fit.

You need the right people and strong hands.

In the Democratic Alarm we know from crises.

How to manage them.

How to overcome them.

How to overthrow them and create opportunities for our country.

In a few months, citizens will choose whether to move forward.

Ή whether to go back .

Ahead, with a serious and credible Cyprus.

By continuing the steady course.

Guided by our experience.

Our ability to manage difficult situations.

Solve problems.

And bring results.

Ή we will let them take us back.

In the anxiety of survival.

Of the survival of our people. The survival of our own country.

Back, with those who want to reverse the course we have.

And, in their inability to stand up to us, they support candidates who have offered to defeat our party.

Let us not be fooled:

There are two banks in the river of our political life.

On the one hand is the Democratic Alarm.

On the other hand, the opposition.


What we need to do is move forward.

With our work.

With our program.

With our people.

Talk about need for stability.

For our plan for a new productive model.

Healthier, more transparent, more sustainable.

Let's talk about green Cyprus.

About digital Cyprus.

For the Cyprus of solidarity.

We have a minefield in front of us.

Mines are accuracy, the energy crisis and the food crisis.

Exacerbated by Russia's criminal invasion of Ukraine.

Mine is climate change and natural disasters.

On the planet and our area.

Mine is illegal immigration.

With Turkey not hesitating to instrumentalize the desperate. Mine is the fear of a new wave of unemployment.

Mine is the new Turkish aggression.

And the violent resumption of revisionism.

Citizens must decide.

With composure and a clear mind.

Who do they want to lead them,

to cross safely across.

To build Cyprus that we want.

I trust the citizen's judgment.

Mostly, I trust the power of the party.

Our power.

The power of us all.

Together .

Together for unity.

Together for victory.

Together with our young people.

Together for the best Cyprus we deserve.

Thank you ριστώ.

Source: ΚΥΠΕ

Source: politis.com.cy

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