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Averof Neophytou: Prudence, wisdom and national unity to break the deadlocks

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Homelands are not liberated with hollow patriotic words, said today the President of DISY, Averof Neophytou, noting that the only way is that of prudence, wisdom, national unity and support for the efforts of the President of the Republic and the Minister of Foreign Affairs “through the right policy of Confidence Building Measures “.

In his extra-textual reports, in his memorial speech for the annual memorial service of the heroes Michalakis and Andreas Makridis and their father Nikos Makridis, held in Limassol, Averof Neophytou said that “we do not need memorial speeches to praise us with our words and our poorest writings, the heroism of some who by their sacrifice deservedly won a place in the pantheon of heroes “.

with seriousness, national responsibility and wisdom “, he said and pointed out that it is necessary,” with a patriotic realism to specify the future for our homeland “.

Looking back, he continued, we all remember that when Hellenism was united, we recorded pages of glorious history and when, unfortunately, the plague of national discord came between us, we mourned national calamities.

Saying that we have been experiencing one of these national disasters since 1974 “with almost half of our homeland enslaved, with generations of refugees having died in exile, without completing their vision to live again in a united homeland”, the President of DISY underlined that “this is where we need to evaluate the present”.

“Homelands are not liberated with hollow patriotic words, especially when it is a conscious choice of the entire Cypriot Hellenism, that we will seek a solution to the Cyprus problem through negotiations” , he added.

The only way, he stressed, “is the way of prudence and wisdom, of national unity and to all support the efforts of the PD and the new Foreign Minister, who propose to save Varosia in order to to save our place, through the right policy of the MOE, to break the Turkish intransigence “.

Our heroes Michalakis and Andreas and all those who gave their lives, were not sacrificed to live the tragedy today of cat Mr. Neophytou said, adding that “we know, recognize and record the provocation of Turkey and it is for this that proper and wise manipulations are needed, to break the deadlocks to finally live in a reunited homeland”.


Source: politis.com.cy

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