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Averof Neophytou: The state must support the sectors that were hit by precision

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Production subsidy in the sectors that have been affected due to accuracy is suggested by the President of DISY Averof Neophytou, who notes that only rationality can solve the problems created by the increase in prices.

In his statements in the village of Pissouri, during his tour of communities in Limassol, Averof Neophytou also commented on what is happening in the banking workplace.

In his statements after the meeting with the residents of the village, the President of DISY stressed the need for the state to support, based on its financial capabilities, the sectors that have suffered the greatest damage, such as that of livestock.

“I have a clear position that the state, based on its financial capabilities, should support the sectors that have the highest costs and have suffered the greatest damage due to the huge increases we are experiencing and the livestock sector is one of them,” he said. Neophytou.

He added that “any measures the government will announce for support based on its capabilities must be based on production. Do we want more milk? We should not subsidize based on the number of lives but the subsidy should be based on production, for the more milk one produces the more support is possible. “

” Only through “We can give rationality to those who have problems and correct distortions of the past”, he noted.

The President of DISY also commented for the second time on what is happening in the banking sector .

As he said, depositors, shareholders, securities holders, all taxpayers made sacrifices so that the banks could survive. “Banks are not yet a business, they have been supported by taxpayers and those I have mentioned and by the state and they have a very heavy social responsibility that they should not ignore in any political decisions.”

Source: politis.com.cy

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