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Averoff and the ghost of “plan B”

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Retired to his house in Argaka, he spent the days of quarantine after the diagnosis that Averof Neophytou is positive for the coronavirus, who will finally and officially receive the anointing of the DISY candidate for the presidency of the Republic a week after the initial planning, ie the another Sunday, March 20, after the Supreme Council, due to quarantine, did not take place yesterday. The new day of the Supreme Council is convenient for the President of the Republic, who will not only be present as the historical leader of the faction, but will also address the 1,800 members of the council, with a speech that will mark the end of the session. The presence of the President of the Republic is interpreted in itself as support in the person of Averof Neophytos, however, according to information from “P”, Nikos Anastasiadis is expected to give this support clearly and through his speech.

< p> The vice president of DISY, Haris Georgiadis, will also address a greeting, while Averof Neophytou will speak immediately after the process of ratification of his candidacy.

What took time, effort and attention to set up, is a film that will be shown and which presents important milestones in the political course of Averof Neophytos as mayor of Polis Chrysochous, as an MP, initially in the Paphos region and then in Nicosia. , as Minister of Communications and as President of DISY.

The message that Averof Neophytou wants to go through is that nothing was given to him and that his course, going through a lot, was successful, therefore the candidacy for the presidency of the Republic is only a natural consequence. Moreover, responding to the profile that he admits has been built in the consciousness of many citizens that “where you lift a stone, it is Averoff from below”, and trying to give him a positive tone, he is presented through specific examples as the man who gives solutions, coming , in fact, in conflict with entrenched interests.

What will the President say?

Despite the information about the content of the speech of the President of the Republic before the Supreme Council, there is uncertainty in Pindarou about what he will say, especially after the interview he gave to the television station Alpha. In the interview, after declaring his support for his party's choice, he did not rule out plan B 'in case the polls show that Averof Neophytou's candidacy does not have a high probability of being elected and, in fact, in a way that indicates it to the collective bodies. by clearly throwing the ball to them, and offering the excuse for the collaborations with the other parties, using, in fact, AKEL as an alibi and its position that it is better for the candidate in a common ballot not to be a party leader.

However, according to information, the speech of Nikos Anastasiadis will be written and in addition to the support for Mr. Neophytou, emphasis will be placed on the importance of the unity of the party and the base of DISY.

Besides, as DISY executives pointed out to “P”, for the sake of unity, the President of the Republic had tried not to demolish the bridges between Averof Neophytou and Nikos Christodoulidis, proposing in at least two meetings of the three, to support Avero's candidacy. , and if in the process it seemed that he was not moving forward, to withdraw and support the candidacy Christodoulidis, a proposal which was accepted by the president of DISY, but not by the former Foreign Minister.

Until the end

The controversial interview of the President of the Republic, which was overshadowed in the news, political analysis and commentary on social media by the stormy developments that followed in Ukraine, however, caused damage to the image that Averof Neophytos is trying to cultivate. which is slowly but surely gaining ground in opinion polls and polls and will once again find a way to prevail.

Trying to kill the ghost of the candidate who may not run to the end, created by the interview of the President of the Republic, Mr. Neophytou and his associates say at every opportunity that there is no plan B, but one and only candidacy , παρ & # 8217; all the discussion in relation to the alternative scenario reaches behind closed doors even in Pindarou up to the nomenclature.

According to information, the president of DISY appears very strict in relation to the issue, asking his associates to roll up their sleeves and work with the sole goal of winning the presidency.

Rise in research

All this time that the formation of the final ballot for the presidential elections has not been completed yet and only Averof Neophytou is running as a party candidate, DISY is concentrating all its efforts on the gathering of voters of DISY.

According to information, the various polls conducted on behalf of parties and candidates show a gradual increase in the percentages received by the president of DISY to the question, “what would you vote for if elections were held today?” Pindarou also attaches importance to the high percentage that Averof Neophytou gets in the victory show, to the question, that is, “who do you think will be elected President of the Republic?”, Although some of the latest polls show a slight rise of Nikos Christodoulidis in the show victory.

The fact is, however, that the scene is still fluid, as Averof Neophytou is currently the only party candidate, with surveys comparing candidates with potential candidates, whose names are seen in the public eye as possible options. DISY considers that the image in relation to the polls will change when all the candidacies are announced.

On the handset for collaborations

The path followed by the president of DISY due to the need to face the possibility of Nikos Christodoulidis prevailing within the party, focusing all his efforts on being the party candidate himself, caused a problem in finding party alliances.

The photo of the moment shows DISY in isolation. DIKO is discussing with AKEL, EDEK and Ecologists will try to join the bloc of cooperation of the opposition and DIPA does not open its papers. At this stage, Averof Neophytou has no choice but to wait, holding meetings at the same time, which, however, are not going to yield a cooperation agreement, but are building bridges for the future. As long as the landscape remains cloudy for the other parties and as long as there is no candidate for AKEL-DIKO cooperation, DISY considers that there is a possibility of finding alliances. After all, the road to the presidency is still long and a lot can happen.

Nikos Christodoulidis: And alone, he will run

Encouraged by his good performance in all the polls and polls that lead him so far, former Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulidis is determined to run until the end of the election, even if he fails to get party support.
The environment In fact, he believes that it may be better to remain completely independent in order to reinforce the impression that exists in a large part of the world that he is anti-systemic.

He is well aware that many of those who now vote for him in the polls and polls will return to their party base and rely on a very large percentage of his supporters who belong to the part of the citizens who abstain from the electoral process. They are the people who appear frustrated by the political and party establishment and are looking for something new and promising. The profile of Nikos Christodoulidis fits this search, and the personal bet of the former Foreign Minister, in case he is left running alone without party support, is to lift them from the chair.

The image of the indestructible as will run the election campaign is sure to be crumpled by political and party controversies. If he is alone in the face of party mechanisms, things will be very difficult for Nikos Christodoulidis, who will have to unfold his views on all issues, but also to argue publicly, something he avoided throughout his presence in government, which helped shape the profile of the politician of soft tones.

Source: politis.com.cy

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