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Averoff brings the tsunami back to the Cyprus issue

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Averoff brings the tsunami back to the Cyprus issue

The president of the Democratic Alarm was hosted on the night of Thursday, January 14, on the RIK show “Challenges”.

Averof Neophytou spoke about summer tsunamis in case the new effort of the UN Secretary General for the Cyprus issue does not succeed. “We will have a summer tsunami and we will also lose Varosia”, said the president of DISY Averof Neophytou

Asked to respond to the prospects of the upcoming process, given the uncompromising positions of the Turkish side for a two-state solution, the President of DISY expressed the assessment that he would not propose them to the informal five-party, in the face of other factors.

Regarding what is reported from time to time that President Anastasiadis shared some thoughts for another form of solution, Mr. Neophytou stressed that he never mentioned such a thing to himself, nor did he discuss with him any other framework of solution, except the agreed, bi-zonal-bi-communal federation.

“All the declared positions of President Anastasiadis, he said, coincide with the declared positions of DISY. And Averof Neophytou, he concluded, “will never compromise with the two states.”

“There is a Cyprus. There is no Cyprus alpha and Cyprus beta. One is Cyprus and one is the struggle for the reunification of our homeland. Glafkos Clerides proposed patriotic realism and the Federation to avoid the two states. We cannot talk about two states in 2020. “As long as I am in politics, I will never compromise with the two countries”, said the president of DISY.

“It is our duty and our obligation to find solutions. At a time when there are external dangers, we are living in a global pandemic and the economic consequences, it was the most inappropriate time for political blackmail. The country cannot be left without a budget. “My goals, together with the PD, are to keep the country on the right track, to overcome the financial problems due to the pandemic, to work so as not to hand over a divided homeland to our children,” he said, among other things.

At the same time, he said characteristically, “let them make other plans for 2023. In the difficulties we proved that we can get the country out of the impasses. Better days will come. But for me the goal of life is to see a reunited Cyprus. With patriotic realism to do our duty for the liberation of our homeland “.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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