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Averoff: For the good of a place you hold high credibility

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The President of the Democratic Alarm and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic Mr. Averof Neophytou received today together with the Spokesman Mr. Dimitris Dimitriou and the Secretary of International Relations Mr. George Chatzigeorgiou, the Secretary of the Political Committee of the New Pa. Mr. Marinakis was accompanied by the Secretary of the Greeks of the Diaspora Mr. Nikos Theodoropoulos and the President of the New Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Giannis Georgoulas.

After the meeting, Mr. Averof Neophytou emphasized the as follows:

We are very happy to welcome today at the headquarters of the Democratic Alarm the new Secretary of the Political Committee of the sister party of New Democracy. We were once again given the opportunity to talk about Greece, about Cyprus, about Hellenism. For our two big factions, New Democracy and the Democratic Alarm. Two factions that paved the way for Greece and Cyprus. The New Democracy putting Greece in the European Union with Konstantinos Karamanlis, the Democratic Alarm putting Cyprus in a united Europe with Glafkos Clerides. And Greece with the New Democracy and Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis regained credibility, came out of the memoranda and has an economic stability but also a worldwide recognition.

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In Cyprus, the government of Nikos Anastasiadis and the Democratic Alarm managed two crises, the economic crisis and the pandemic. New Democracy and Democratic Alarm are pillars of stability for Greece and Cyprus. However, I had the opportunity to say what I feel to Pavlos Marinakis to convey to my friend the Prime Minister of Greece, President of New Democracy and as he told me at the conference of New Democracy and as President of Hellenism everywhere.

What we experienced in Washington a few days ago made every Greek proud. Not only for the warm welcome but also the messages he sent in his speech to the Congress that neither Greece nor the international community will ever accept a two state solution and the open wound of Cyprus must be healed, deifying these positions but also the other positions he set, the integrity of the US Congress. In a country divided & nbsp; and divided in public opinion, this is the America of the last six years, a Greek prime minister, who other than Kyriakos Mitsotakis, united Republicans and Democrats in deifying positions of authority but also positions that shield the national interest of Greece and Cyprus. But I also said to Paul, for me the biggest success was the annoyance of Erdogan, that's why we have to be credible and that is a clear message when you have a very clear, clear orientation for your country you become credible.

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This is what we must pay attention to in Cyprus and for the stakes of the next presidential elections. In order to solve national issues, to maintain stability and to implement and realize your visions in a small place like Cyprus, you must keep your credibility abroad and you must avoid the easy paths of politics. Trying to increase your popularity at home, destroying the credibility of yourself and your country abroad. The right and patriotic way for the good of a place is to hold high credibility as a politician and as a country abroad, because it depends on those who achieve the national goals because you need their support, rather than entering the easy path of populism and popularity.

For his part, Mr. Marinakis stressed the following:

Today's visit to the offices of the Democratic Alarm and the offices of the Youth of the Democratic Alarm and the offices of the Youth of the Democratic Alarm as well as the meeting, a very substantial meeting with President Averof Neophytou is for me personally and for the New Democracy huge joy and honor. & nbsp; It was a very substantial discussion following yesterday and today's contacts in Nicosia, one of our most special visits of the last five months and a little more that I have the honor to be Secretary of the New Democracy.


I totally agree with everything that & nbsp; Mr. Neophytou and I augment what the Greek Prime Minister and President of the New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said in the Congress. They are the greatest justification for the timeless struggles of the Greeks, the Cypriots, the nation unites us, they unite us & nbsp; the common values, the common struggles but the future also unites us. The fact that & nbsp; Greek Prime Minister, representing all Hellenism, united the past, the present and what we claim for the future, is the most optimistic message for each of our claims. We will never accept the solution of the two states, as the Prime Minister of Greece and Mr. Neophytou rightly said, the wound of Cyprus must be closed, but the struggle of the people here also gives us strength for the future.

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This visit was a visit full of substance. The example of Cyprus in private and public higher education must be heard loudly in Greece and a man speaks to you who together with all my generation and the older and younger generations in New Democracy and youth, ONNED and the DAPNDFK that we have given many and great battles for the revision of article 16 so that there can be private universities in our country. Unfortunately due to the forces of maintenance, the essential maintenance that is the left and the center left this was not possible. And if one wants to hear, to see why in Greece this political space has done so much and so much evil over time, let's see the example of higher education. Private universities, in addition to money, increase GDP in Cyprus, greatly strengthened public universities, made them more competitive, made them much more substantial for the students studying here.

Greece of 2022 has nothing to do with Greece of 2019. Greece of 2019 was a country without any credibility, a completely unreliable interlocutor with any other country. Now our country is starring in the international arena, starring in Europe, starring all over the world. It concludes agreements with states, strategic allies and its proposals both in the European Union and worldwide become European policies. He starred in tackling the effects of the pandemic, in the Recovery Fund, and now he is starring in tackling the biggest problem of these months, the global inflation crisis and so Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the New Democracy and the Greek government will continue to do.

But Greece is another country within borders because in the most difficult period that one can remember with the simultaneous crises coming one after the other, the pandemic, the inflation crisis, the invasion of Evros, all the problems and the accompanying problems, continued to implement its election program. We now have a lower unemployment rate in the last fifteen years, fewer taxes than in previous years. We have a secondary and tertiary education with new teachers, we have a new national health system that is evolving, a digital revolution is taking place, we have a reduction in migration flows of more than 95%. There is still a lot of serious work that needs to be done and will be done and this is what Kyriakos Mitsotakis described as a vision of the decade.

Greece of 2030, Cyprus of 2030 should not take a single step back to be as he deserves in the generations to come and that is why we unreservedly support Averof Neophytou and we believe that he will be the next president of the Republic of Cyprus.

What Greece has achieved, what Cyprus has achieved should not give them to & nbsp; populism and easy solutions.

Source: www.philenews.com

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