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Averoff opens the game and waits for Andrea and Niko

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Through the political practice of the last days, the invitation of Averof Neophytos to his potential rivals stands out in terms of communication, but mainly to the parties that may support them & # 8230; The president of the ruling party during an almost & # 8217; The press conference last Friday gave special importance, and not accidentally, to the emerging scenario, especially in relation to an emerging tendency to turn the current election campaign into an “apolitical” process, during which the arguments and the positions on all issues will be replaced by generalities, perpetual theories without a political basis, without plans and with a dominant hermaphroditic notion that everything will be magically restored, everything will be resolved with a kind of “messianic intervention”.

Averof Neophytou's concern is clear that a latent, unequivocal and unstructured pre-election will turn the great issue of power in Cyprus into a field of endless and pointless general discussions. He tries to emphasize his opposition to this logic on the one hand, but also to capture on the other his ability as the only one of the three, to be but also to act as a protagonist in the active politics, that is, to function as a struggling politician. with his mistakes and successes. The president of DISY is not going to let his opponents play on the board that they themselves would like to move and maybe they can play, but he challenges them in the field of daily political practice. The president of DISY was clear and probably this attitude of his will be a reference point in his pre-election activity in the next period:

• He expects, as after the decisions of AKEL and DIKO, but also those that the parties will support to be positive in his invitation for a public debate.

• The citizens must listen to the policies of the candidates.

• Political forces can not run an election campaign in hiding.

• An “apolitical” election campaign should not be allowed to run at such a high risk as presidential elections. elections.

Averof Neophytou can be characterized as the candidate with the most specific narrative of positions on all issues. He will not work unequivocally, something he will have a lot to say to his opponents in the near future. At the moment he asks them “to speak politically but also to tell me AKEL and DIKO how they will make the overthrow by adopting candidates, possibly, to see their final decisions, from those who accused a few months ago that they were the undertakers of the Cyprus problem. and the corrupt of the most corrupt government the country has ever had. “

Andreas's time

The challenges of Averof Neophytou touch as it is natural now the candidate from today who is supported by AKEL, Andrea Mavrogiannis. However, the diplomat, who is expected to officially announce his candidacy tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest, should logically move at a fast pace for the elaboration of his program. In his first step for the presidency Andreas Mavrogiannis will give the stigma of his own positions, in a concise way for the goals he sets by submitting his own candidacy which as he will note becomes a reality from the moment when one of the big parties through his internal processes he decided to support him.

Andreas Mavrogiannis is expected in the coming days to continue his contacts with other opposition parties in an effort to expand the scope of his support from political formations, while he will start a new round of contacts with organized groups that express the wider civil society. . Simultaneously with the gradual composition of his program, the candidate who will be supported by the Left will have to present his own independent political discourse, for which even the party executives are not aware today. The political discourse concerns not only the Cyprus issue but also the widest range of issues that concern the Cypriot society. At the moment, he has not expressed anything specific on the big issues, which is not paradoxical, since he is just entering the election battle. At the moment we are hearing the AKEL executives who all the previous time and obviously defending their choices, are talking about a candidate who shares “basic concerns, needs and positions in relation to the desired change in the place and also a person who gathers characteristics that can penetrate other party spaces and has to do with eligibility “. These findings, however, do not give the stigma of a candidate, something that is understood mainly by him but obviously also by the party that supports Andreas Mavrogiannis. In general, the general approaches do not guarantee the size of the support either from people of the wider Left or from masses that touch the fringes of the Center-Right. The political framework on which the candidacy of Andreas Mavrogiannis will be based is therefore expected.

Nothing more substantial

Averof Neophytou's reports to avoid a general election campaign without touching the heart of politics, of course, focus mainly on the independent candidate Nikos Christodoulidis. For half a year away from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government of DISY, he continues to maintain a profile that aspires to close and encircle outside the party formations in a prescribed ambitious plan to move away from parties but at the same time states that belongs to the area of ​​the Democratic Alarm. The political “peculiar culture” that the independent candidate for the presidency is trying to pass seems to be creating difficulties for the parties of the Center and especially for DIKO, which is on the verge of its decisions in the run-up to the presidential elections. The big issue that DIKO is concerned with is the attitude of the candidate in relation to the discussion in the party in support of his candidacy. In DIKO, the views are strengthened, but mainly the objections that the candidate for the presidency is in fact acting in an extremely blackmailing, arrogant way and without feeling the need to pursue a real dialogue with the third in power political formation in the country. As “P” is informed, DIKO was severely annoyed even by the way Christodoulidis's staff announced its meetings with the party's executive office tomorrow afternoon. “DIKO is not another citizens' organization or professional group with which Mr. Christodoulidis will meet,” a source in the party told “P”. In other words, it is considered particularly derogatory for the party when even at the communicative level a meeting of the collective leadership of DIKO is announced among the many others organized by Nikos Christodoulidis.

Of course, tomorrow's meeting of Nikos Christodoulidis with the leadership of DIKO will take place anyway. A meeting which is taken as the last step before the final decision on the DIKO elections in relation to the presidential elections. The meeting which emerged as a mutual need for a comprehensive exchange of views on how the candidate and the party perceive the political dimension of a possible support of DIKO but also how the content of the political cooperation is perceived for both sides in view of the presidential elections.

Source: politis.com.cy

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