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Avrupa newspaper: Erdogan sends special MAT unit to the occupied territories

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Two hundred men of the special forces (MAT) with anti-demonstration equipment will be installed in the niche occupied Nicosia, in a building used by the “fighters' association”.

The newspaper Avroupa reports on the front pages that in order to” tame “the Turkish Cypriots, the” police “and the army are not enough, now they are also bringing the MAT. Sener Levent writes that the 200 men from Turkey will wear the uniform of the “police” in the occupied territories and will be used against marches and demonstrations.

In a post late yesterday In the afternoon, the “mayor” of Nicosia, Mehmet Harmanji, wrote that the “municipality” had requested this space, vacated by the (occupying) army, to turn it into a youth center for the whole region. “Our request was considered very 'naive' by the authorities. “Now the news has spread that 200 fully equipped police officers from Turkey will be stationed there to intervene in social events.”

day “we will definitely do the center, do not worry at all. It will not be easy but we will succeed. Love sooner or later wins “.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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