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Award “Golden Protector of the Environment” 2022 to Remedica

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Βραβε&omicron ; «Χρυσ&oς Προστàτης του Περιβλλ&omicron ;ντος» 2022 στην Remedica

The “Golden Protector of the Environment” award for 2022 was won by the pharmaceutical industry Remedica, within the framework of the All-Cypriot Environmental Awards for Organizations and Businesses.

This highest award, which has been awarded to Remedica for the fourth consecutive year, demonstrates the continuous emphasis and awareness of the management of Remedica, in matters of the environment, climate change and sustainable development. The award was received by the company's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Michalis Neoptolemou.

“This is a very important distinction, because it not only covers the Group's initiatives and tireless efforts in the field of Environmental Management, but also the Remedica's overall culture and attitude towards Sustainability”, said the company's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Michalis Neoptolemou, receiving the award.

Ethics in business and in the environment, excellence, innovation and responsibility are the cornerstones of the philosophy and also of the strategy for the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Remedica pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Neoptolemou noted that “We believe that sustainable development requires us to make not only brave decisions in terms of infrastructure and supply chain, but also our strategic business choices, the organization of processes and the defense of human relations. So, in this light, we continue strongly with more investments in R&D, automation and digital transformation”, he concluded.

Remedica is mainly focused on solid, liquid and gaseous waste management, emission minimization of carbon dioxide gases, the production of energy from renewable sources, the conservation of energy, the implementation and promotion of recycling, as well as the promotion of environmental education. It is committed to continue to promote environmental practices in all aspects of its activities in order to protect the community in which it operates, achieving sustainable development. The evaluation of the candidates took place in the presence of the Commissioner for the Environment and representatives of all the cooperating bodies that support the institution of the Pancypriot Environmental Awards.

The Awards were presented by the President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis, in a Special Official Ceremony which was held at the Presidential Palace, on Tuesday, January 24.

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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