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Ayia Napa Marina: Odysseus ignores the law

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Ayia Napa Marina: Odysseus ignores the law

The company M.M. gave its own answer. MAKRONISOS MARINA LTD regarding what the Audit Service reported for the Ayia Napa marina, emphasizing that the Auditor General “ignores the legislation”.


“We refer to the report of the Auditor General in which the development project of the Ayia Napa Marina is recorded in a way that leaves questions about the procedures followed by the company Makronisos Marina either for the lease of state land or for the sale of housing units based on the investment program implemented by the last governments. Although the company does not want to get involved in the relentless war that has broken out in the country's political system with the sole aim of power, it is obliged to defend its honor and dignity and especially that of the Egyptian investor Mr. Sawiris who invested hundreds of millions in a very difficult economic period for our country.

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Unfortunately, the Auditor General's report states that a plot of land adjacent to the Marina was leased without an “open, transparent and competitive procedure”. We regret to note that the Auditor General, while responsible for overseeing the implementation of laws regarding the economy, efficiency and legality, intentionally or unintentionally ignores the Law on Real Estate (Possession, Registration and Appraisal) Law (KEF.224) and the Κ.Δ.Π. 173/89 which clearly defines the procedure for leasing state land for tourist purposes. The relevant provisions are listed:

“Power of the Council of Ministers to exchange property of the Republic, etc.

18 .- (1) The Council of Ministers may, under such conditions, restrictions, conditions and criteria, which they wish to be determined by Regulations-

(a) To concede, lease, exchange or otherwise alienate any property of the Republic or immovable property that has come to the Republic under the provisions of this Law, other than a public road or the beach; … ».

«8 .— (1) Immovable property of the Republic which is deemed suitable for tourist purposes, may either be leased for a long time or granted a license for its use for these purposes, depending on the form of its tourist development as it will be approved in each case by the Council of Ministers. (2) Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph and subject to the provisions of the Law on the Protection of the Beach, the lease or issuance of a license for immovable property of the Republic located less than five hundred meters from the maximum tide level of any coastal area allowed unless –

(a) The applicant is the owner or lessee of immovable property adjacent to the property in question;

(b) the applicant 's property is used primarily for tourist purposes; and

(c) the property of the Republic shall be used exclusively for tourist facilities or activities complementary or similar to the tourist facilities or activities of the applicant. “


“The rent is calculated on the market value of the property, at a rate of 5% in cases of construction of hotels or tourist apartments (main tourist use) and 1% – 3.5% for similar purposes (swimming pool, tennis courts, etc.). »

The company, based on the law on the lease of state land, submitted a request to the land registry, which after estimating the value of the land set the annual rent at 53,000 euros, which is probably the highest rent per ten paid in the history of the land registry.

Regarding the organization and operation of the Board of Directors of the company, this is the absolute and exclusive right of the company to appoint the directors. As is the usual practice.

The company in this grandiose project in which the state and therefore the people benefit with millions of VAT revenues 19%, commission 8% in real estate sales, taxes, hundreds of jobs in the construction and operating sector of the Marina, expects to be treated by institutions and parties fairly and equitably with other major developments in a similar way away from power struggles. It seems that some do not consider the consequences of the systematic effort to expel from our Homeland the few real and transparent foreign investors.

In conclusion, we believe that the cooperation of the public and private sector and its contribution to progress and prosperity in our country is possible with creative projects, innovative and obviously with proper and legal management of resources and away from partisan controversies. This builds trust and credibility in public opinion and ensures the well-meaning Public Interest and in this context we will continue to work.

Source: www.philenews.com

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