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Ayia Napa, Sotira and Liopetri react to the imposition of their union

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Ayia Napa, Sotira and Liopetri react to the imposition of their union

The Municipalities of Ayia Napa and Sotira and the Community of Liopetri are reacting to the imposition of any of their unions, in the context of the reform of the Local Government without their own consent.

In their letter to the Famagusta Tourist Commercial and Industrial Company (TEVEA), the Mayors of Ayia Napa and Sotiras and the Vice President of the Community Council of Liopetri state that “with surprise” they read yesterday's written announcement of the Company regarding the transfer of the Company.

The letter to the Company states that “in the absence of a decision of the parties directly involved on the issue raised by the announcement, we wonder who is the author of this announcement and when the decisions of TEVEA concerning its members – and in particular the local authorities – are taken in their absence and without even informing them “.

It is added that “given that the most responsible to express an opinion on local government reform are local communities and their elected representatives, we consider the action of the authors of the communication as unacceptable and extremely worrying, since among other things it does not express the views of the most competent to be placed on the issue, ie the Municipalities and Communities of the province of Famagusta, but tries unacceptably to replace them “.

It is also noted that “whether the interest of the residents of the province of Famagusta is the creation of one or more Municipalities will be judged by the residents of the affected local authorities and not the author of the announcement”.

It is recalled that in yesterday's announcement, TEVEA expressed “great concern and disappointment about the scenarios that prevail regarding the long-awaited reform of Local Government, which is being discussed in the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs. According to the latest information and regarding the province of Famagusta, it seems that the scenario of creating three Municipalities and two Communities is favored “.

The statement added that “at the same time in this scenario, it appears that due to the lack of a critical population in the new local authorities, the reform will not include powers and powers that should be transferred to local authorities in order to decentralize powers from the central state and upgrading the services offered to citizens “.

The Company also noted that it expects “the Municipalities and Communities of the province of Famagusta to react strongly to the specific scenario promoted by the House of Representatives, as it undermines the economic survival and future of the province and especially the hinterland. “Once again, we express the position that the best scenario for the residents of the province of Famagusta is the creation of a Municipality, to which the necessary responsibilities and powers will be transferred to enable the development and prosperity of all”, concluded the announcement of TEVEA.

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