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Ayia Napa water sports businesses protest alleged irregular tender process

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Ayia Napa water sports businesses protest alleged irregular tender process

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Owners of water sports businesses are holding a protest outside the Ayia Napa municipal hall, accusing the mayor and the Municipal Council of abuse of power and irregular tender procedures, as well as victimisation.

Speaking to philenews, the General Secretary of POBEK (Pan-Cyprian Federation of Employers and Industrialists), Stefanos Koursaris, who is present at the protest, alleged that “the Ayia Napa Municipality failed to follow the procedures stipulated by the Law on Beach Protection, the relevant regulations, and the guidelines of the Central Beach Committee regarding the tender process.”

He stated that “despite specific deadlines and dates that should have been adhered to, the Municipality delayed the process and, on May 28, requested a two-month extension for tenders that were due on June 1. This is completely contrary to the guidelines of the Central Beach Committee,” a fact that, he argued, creates uncertainty for business owners.

The Cyprus Association of Water Sports – Recreation Owners had made numerous representations and sent letters calling for the implementation of the prescribed tender procedures but received no response.

Ayia Napa water sports businesses protest alleged irregular tender process

The final straw for the water sports owners, according to Koursaris, was the Municipality’s decision to inform an owner via a letter on Thursday afternoon that they did not intend to renew his contract and would consider closing his specific post. “This individual has prepared for the summer season and has been operating in this field for 42 years. He submitted a bid that met all the required specifications.

The justification given, Koursaris said, was that the area in question, Konnos, is considered hazardous. “This unilateral decision by the Municipality is tragicomic. We dispute the legality of the procedures followed by the Municipal Council and demand the revocation of this decision. ”

Koursaris further clarified that today’s protest is not politically motivated or related to the upcoming elections on Sunday.

“There are no political agendas behind this protest? it is about the loss of a person’s livelihood.” The water sports owners themselves strongly condemn the Ayia Napa Municipality, stating that “In the midst of the tourist season, when we are serving and providing services to tourists and our fellow citizens on the beaches, we are forced to resort to dynamic mobilization, which has implications for our tourism industry. We sincerely express our regret for having to make this decision.

They even warned of escalating their measures if the decision of the Ayia Napa Municipal Council is not revoked. The owners have also reported the matter to the Auditor General, who, according to Koursaris, has informed them via letters that “the situation is under examination.”

The Mayor of Ayia Napa , Christos Zanettou, defended the decisions of the Municipal Council, stating that the tenders in question pertain to the year 2025. Regarding the letter sent to the water sports owner in Konnos, the Mayor said, “The Municipal Council has no intention or desire to harm anyone.

“There are certain areas, such as Konnos, which witnessed a serious accident a few years ago, that have been identified for reassessment of their hazardous nature, with input from various departments. A majority decision was made, and we proceeded accordingly. The evaluation process is not yet complete, and our effort is to finalize decisions before the end of the current Municipal Council’s term, rather than pre-empting any outcomes.”

Ayia Napa water sports businesses protest alleged irregular tender process

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