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Babiniotis: Galileo's greatest discovery is the Greek Alphabet

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Μπαμπινιoτη&sigma ;: Ο ΓαλιλαΙος η μεγαλyτερη ανακαλ υψη, εναι το ΕλληνικΑλφaβητο

The importance of language, grammar and especially spelling was pointed out by the philologist and linguist Giorgos Babiniotis, who unfolded in the studio of the front page show the magic that words bring.

"Spelling is the basis of writing the written word and the written word …a culture of the written word». 

Each word hides a whole culture within it, a history, it is a unique meaning that demands respect.  The need for students to sharpen their minds by speaking and writing correctly points out the man who identified his name with Greek writing.

"Each engagement with language is an engagement with the mind" this you will find at the beginning about it and it will be joined with it: "what is education a search for the cultivation of man…. knowledge is the storehouse that leaves you with the best in you» this is shortly after the PSEM student 

Mr. Babiniotis also referred to the evaluation system of the four-month exams and the leak.

« Let's see the point! These are being corrected are technical issues, the issue is whether the system contributes.» also after the student but before the above part. 

Education is disoriented when it focuses only on admission to a university, when the essence lies in knowledge and not knowledge, emphasized Mr. Babiniotis.

"I consider success to be entering’ a university. Well, it's not, and I say it as a university student»  It will join this piece: "There is no greater lack than the alienation of the child from the book." and give an example of the word he says.

The written word and reading are mental gymnastics that undoubtedly leads to another quality of life.

His book "Dictionary of proper names" ; it is an enjoyable piece of knowledge.

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