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Back Home: Douleutaras makes returning home easy with unique offers

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The perfect time to update your home is now and Douleutaras takes care of all the work you need

Back Home: Ο Douleutaras κανει την επιστρ&omicron ;φor στο σπiτι εyκολη υπoθεση με μον αδικΕς προσφορΕς

Coming back from summer vacation may not be anyone's favorite season, as most people associate summer with carefree and carefree moments enjoyed with loved ones.

Now that we say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn, the moments we will enjoy in our personal space, our home, are increasing. After all, who doesn't want to be in a beautiful, neat and functional space? For this reason, September is the right month to give our home the care it deserves!

Douleutaras is the No1 Platform for Finding Home Professionals in Cyprus and through it you can easily, quickly and economically find qualified professionals, creating the home of your dreams.

Thus, having listened to the needs of consumers, from on September 18 and for two weeks is offering special prices on some of the jobs that need to be done after returning from summer vacation.

But what are the jobs that need to be done at home, and where are they? on offer in Douleutaras?

1. Interior House Painting

Autumn is the right time to paint the house. Whether you are ready to dare a big change or you will move in classic shades, the only thing is certain that Douleutaras works with evaluated oil painters, who have the right equipment and experience to transform your space!

The main reasons why the regular maintenance of the air conditioner is necessary, especially after using it during the summer months, are both its proper operation and the preservation of our health, as with its long-term use, germs and bacteria accumulate which also are released into the air. For domestic air conditioners, diligent maintenance by a professional twice a year is recommended and through Douleutaras prompt and guaranteed service is ensured.

3. Connecting Home Appliances

If you want to easily and quickly connect household appliances such as the stove, oven, washing machine or refrigerator, while at the same time you want to save time, then you only have to turn to Douleutaras to find the professional you need.

< p>Whichever job you choose, entering Douleutaras you can discover unique offers to build the house you've always dreamed of immediately, with quality and above all economically. The process is very simple and takes just 2 minutes, while the platform within just 10 seconds suggests you the best professionals based on ratings near your area for the work you wish to do.

As Douleutaras stays by the user's side from the beginning to the completion of the work, it provides the Online Chat service through which the visitor of the platform has the possibility to communicate directly with the professional, at any time, either through the Mobile App or through a browser.

Finally, through the Service Guarantee, the platform guarantees a refund, in the rare event that something goes wrong.

You can see here in detail all the services that Douleutaras provides at a preferential price for the entire duration of the offer.

Back Home: Ο Douleutaras κανει την επιστρ&omicron ;φor στο σπiτι εyκολη υπoθεση με μον αδικΕς προσφορΕς

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