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Background for Berg and Greek bench

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Henning Berg is mentioned behind the scenes column of a Greek website, claiming that the former coach of Omonia has turned his “antennas” in Greece.

< p style = "text-align: justify;">Specifically, in the “Backstage” of sdna.gr it is stated that the Norwegian “proceeds to a new research focusing on the Greek market” in which, as it is emphasized, he was searched even before coming to Cyprus on behalf of the greens.

The article in detail:

Summer is short and there are many coaches who make sure to do it now command them in view of the new season.

And especially and above all those coaches who move freely and have no competitive obligations until the end of the current season.

Henning Berg is one of them .

The Norwegian coach was left without a bench after his recent divorce from Omonia. And all this after 2.5 years of service (114 games) in the Cypriot team, which he led again and after 11 years of “itching” to win the championship last season.

Not that there are no other & # 8230; medals sewn on his uniform from the period of his presence in the “clover” of Cyprus.

The conquest of the Super Cup, as and Omonia's qualifiers in the Europa League and Europa Conference League groups.

At the same time, it promoted several young players show their talent.

This season, however, did not turn out as both Omonia and the 52-year-old coach would like.

The champion Cypriot team was led as the first favorite for the title, but without moving at high speeds and was fatally left out of the game early against the backdrop.

Berg paid το the marble, left the island last month and since then he is in search of a new club.

According to information from SDNA, his antennas are also turning towards Greece for the next stage of his career.


By the way, the Scandinavian coach had been looking for a Greek bench before settling in Cyprus on behalf of Omonia in the summer of '19.

Finally and after 2.5 years in Omonia, it proceeds to a new research focusing on the Greek market and this time being “awarded ς »from his last term in Cyprus.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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