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Bahalo with the implementation of the measures for “test to stay” and safepass

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Bahalo with the implementation of the measures for

The Ministry of Health has another difficult week ahead of it, as there are many open fronts in terms of pandemic management. At the time that the prescription of the first antiviral drug against coronavirus begins in Cyprus, it has not yet been clarified what will happen in schools with the “test to stay”, while there are also problems with safepass, with vaccinated people who are positive for the virus to circulate undisturbed. With the changes in the safepass already being launched by the Ministry of Innovation, the Ministry of Health is focusing on “solving” the heavy bond of “test to stay” in schools, in the midst of strong reactions.

Test to… stay;

The Ministry of Health is running and not enough to reach the final form of the test to stay and to lock the final details, in order to find the formula for the success of the new measure for the schools. During the meeting, the Ministry of Health and representatives of the Scientific Advisory Committee are expected to inform both teachers and parents about the decision taken by the Council of Ministers and how it is expected to be implemented in schools.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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