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Ballots are delivered to the polling stations today (pictures)

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ΠαραδΙδονται σ μεοιπεσεογκν&rho ;α (εικoνες)

Today, the Election Officers of all the electoral districts handed over the ballots to the chairpersons of the 1,864 polling centers that will operate in the Elections of June 9, 2024.

The process of handing over the ballots in the Nicosia District was watched in the morning by the General Election Officer , Director General of the Ministry of the Interior, Dr Elikkos A. Ilias with the Election Commissioner of Nicosia, Nicosia Prefecture, Mr. Andreas Hatzipakko.

In his statements, the General Election Commissioner stated that more than 9,000 employees will work together with 3,000 Polices, in order to successfully conduct on Sunday, June 9, one of the most complex electoral processes. “The tradition of the kalpas is taking place today in all the Provinces. We will have in Cyprus 1,847 polling stations and another 17 abroad, in Greece, the United Kingdomand in Brussels”, said Dr. Ilias.

Παραδλδονται &sigma μεοιπεσεογκν&rho ;α (εικνες)

Mr. Ilias called on voters to exercise their right to vote on Sunday, noting that the election process will start at 7am until 12 noon, and resume at 1pm to conclude at 6pm. “I am sure that people will come to vote. Only ID is necessary or, if someone wants, they can vote only with the electoral book. So I believe we will have an increased percentage in these Elections. It is an Election that marks the reform of Local Government, beyond the election of MEPs”, he said.

As he explained, Elections will be held to elect MEPs,

strong>Presidents of the Provincial Self-Governing Organizations, Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Mayors and members of Municipal and Community Councils and School Boards. According to Dr. Ilias, the publication of the results is expected to begin on Sunday evening and he expressed the estimate that around 7:30 in the evening we will gradually begin to learn the results for the Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Presidents of the Community Councils. He pointed out that the names of the elected MEPs, members of Municipal and Community Councils and School Boards will be known on Monday morning.

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<p>Asked, then, to say about the process of receiving and keeping the ballots until the day of the Elections, the General Registrar of Elections explained that the ballots are received by the chairperson of each polling station, who are also responsible for keeping them until the Sunday. He noted, moreover, that on Sunday morning, before the opening of the polls, the presiding officers will seal the ballots with the official seal of the Republic. According to Dr. Ilias, all the ballots for all the electoral contests will be placed in a ballot box and then the sorting and counting will be done according to the electoral process. The counting will take place at the polling stations themselves.</p>
<p>Finally, the General Supervisor of Elections reminded that the voters in the municipal areas will vote up to six ballots and the voters of the Communities up to four. He reiterated that in the Communities, voters also vote for the President of the Provincial Self-Governing Organization and for MEPs, in addition to the Mayors and members of the Community Councils.</p>
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For his part, the Nicosia Election Commissioner stated that in the Nicosia District there will be 689 polling stations with approximately 225,000 voters, which corresponds to 38% of all voters in Cyprus. “We have 23 Turkish Cypriot polling stations, for which we are ready to serve all Turkish Cypriot voters who wish to vote. We have implemented new technologies for transmission of results electronically and other electronic processes. I hope that in this way we will reduce the time of issuing the results and reduce any errors”, said Mr. Hatzipakkos.

Παροτμερακλ ;εσεκλγικεικεσ

Source: www.philenews.com

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