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Battle in DISY for the positions on the European ballot

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Μàχη στον ΔΗΣΥ γ ια τις θεσεις του ευρωψηφοδελτ

A tough battle is expected to be fought tomorrow at the Political Bureau of the Democratic Alarm for the selection of the party's MEP candidates. Two of the six positions on the ballot have already been filled by Eleni Stavrou and Christiana Xenophontos, who are on the ballot through the quota. it has its own dynamics among the members of the Politburo of the party. Lukas Fourlas, Marios Pelekanos, Konstantinos Petridis, Michalis Chatzipantelas, Kyriakos Chatzigiannis, Christos Angelidis and Onisiforos Iordanou  they will wait for the result of the ballot box to find out which four will be on the ballot.

The session of the Politburo will start at 11:00 in the morning with a speech by the president of the party Annitas Dimitriou >. Pindarou wants to give a festive character to the session and send messages ahead of the elections, in the shadow and the recent resurgence of party introversion. Political Office.During the session, those interested in a place on the party ballot will each have five minutes at their disposal to address the members of the collective body of the party to send the messages they want.

< p>Then a ballot box will be set up for the members of the Political Bureau to vote. The ballot box will be open between 12:30-14:30 and 130 members have the right to vote,of which it is estimated that around 100 will come to vote. It is noted that a ballot to be valid must have between two and four preference crosses. That is, monocrosses are not allowed and no more than four preference crosses are allowed either.

The results will be announced immediately after the votes are counted, while it is noted that during tomorrow's session no other issue will be raised for discussion. Therefore, the open fronts of the local government elections will be put before the Politburo in a new session next week.

Yesterday morning the Executive Bureau of the party met and decided to propose for approval to the Politburo the candidacy of Giorgos Nikolettos for the Municipality of Paralimni.

According to the announcement of the party regarding the Municipality of Paralimni-Derynia, it was decided to propose Mr. Giorgos Nikolettos for ratification to the Political Bureau.

“For this recommendation of the Executive Bureau, the following were taken into account:

1. The results of three reliable surveys in which it is demonstrated that Mr. Nicolettos wins in all possible scenarios. 

2. The intention of other political forces to support the same candidacy, and

3. The statutory provision that was implemented for the whole of Cyprus, which points out that in case of cooperation between parties, the Political Bureau of the party decides and intra-party elections are not held”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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