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Battle with time and flames in Evia and Ilia – Strong winds are coming in the coming hours

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Battle with time and flames in Evia and Ilia - Strong winds are coming in the coming hours

Battle with time and the constant re-ignitions give ground and air firefighting forces on three large fire fronts – northern Evia, Ancient Olympia and Messinia – where the flames are raging uncontrollably.

The situation in these areas remains extremely difficult due to the large fires that have caused enormous damage and continue to threaten villages and settlements, while making the situation suffocating and unbearable.

As of Wednesday night, the winds that are blowing are not strong, however, the scene is expected to change in the next hours, from noon onwards, causing a new headache for the fire brigade, which is engaged in a street fight to reduce the fiery fronts.

According to the meteorologist Klearchos Marousakis, we should pay great attention in the next few hours in Evia and Attica where moderate and locally strong northeast winds will prevail and in combination with the very high temperatures and the dry atmosphere will further aggravate the situation in of fires already raging.

Also, tomorrow will be particularly difficult as the mercury will remain at very high levels in most areas as we can see in our second map. In fact, liva will prevail in the eastern parts of the continent, raising the risk of fire in the red for several areas.

Battle with time and flames in Evia and Ilia - Strong winds are coming in the coming hours

Further assistance of the Army

In the battle with the flames in the next hours, the Armed Forces are expected to assist further in the coming hours, as it was decided in a meeting under the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

It is noted that Nikos Hardalias announced in the emergency information on Wednesday about the fires that are raging in the country, that the “Defkalion” plan is being implemented. This is the name given by the General Staff of the Army to the Natural Disaster Management System in order to significantly reduce the extent and the negative consequences of a natural disaster phenomenon.

The “Defkalion” system makes possible the timely organization and preparation, the correct initial set-up and the efficient conduct of an operation with the main weight being given to the maximum possible coordination of the forces and means participating in an emergency response operation.

Also, from hour to hour two aircraft from Sweden are expected, while in the afternoon 81 French firefighters will arrive, a pedestrian section from France, as the two countries responded to the request for help of our country in the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

It is recalled that a pedestrian unit of Cypriot firefighters has been operating since yesterday, while two aircraft from Cyprus are in Rhodes.

Battle with time and flames in Evia and Ilia - Strong winds are coming in the coming hours

Hours of agony in Evia

The situation in Evia, where the fire is burning for a third day, is becoming more and more difficult, with the fiery tongues continuing their destructive course, “swallowing” everything in their path, with the region being declared in a state of emergency .

In Evia, the residents left the village of Kechries, at 07:00, as the huge front that can not stop with anything, has reached a breathing distance from the houses.

Residents were warned to leave their homes with bells and a police patrol rushed there and fled on their own to safe places, while the flames continued to approach without anyone being able to stop them.

Shortly before 10.00, an official message was sent via 112 to the residents of Kechria to leave the area and head to Mantoudi.

Also in Evia, where the situation is the most worrying, at night the settlements of Kourkouli, Skepasti, as well as Amelantes and Keramia were evacuated again.

In Rovies the situation, according to the residents, is difficult, as more than 100 buildings have been damaged, while north of the road leading from Limni to Edipsos there are houses and business facilities that are in danger.

There are 165 firefighters operating in Evia with 5 groups of pedestrians, 57 vehicles, 3 aircraft and 3 helicopters, one of which as a coordinator. Assistance is provided by 82 firefighters from France, the Coast Guard, the Greek Army with infantry units as well as water tankers and OTA project equipment.

The situation in Ancient Olympia is dramatic

In Ilia, after a suggestion of the leaders of the fire brigade, the villages of Lazoi and Linaria were evacuated and the burden is given to save Ancient Olympia.

The strong ground forces of the Fire Brigade worked throughout the night, in order to limit the fire front and keep it away from the archeological site, the museum and the facilities of the International Olympic Academy.

In addition to the fire brigade, the battle involved local government vehicles, which were constantly opening fire zones around Ancient Olympia, while an unexpected ally of the fire brigade was the apnea that prevailed throughout the night.

According to the Fire Brigade, the forest fire that broke out yesterday in the Heraklion area of the municipality of Ancient Olympia, Ilia, is in progress and 174 firefighters are operating, with 9 groups of pedestrians, 52 vehicles, a group of SMIEA, 2 A / F and 4 E / P from of which 1 E / P as coordinator and the Mobile Business Center OLYMPUS. Volunteer firefighters, water tankers and local government machinery provide assistance.

The Minister of Citizen Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, is on the fiery front of Ancient Olympia. As he said, an all-night battle was fought to prevent the fire from going to the archeological site and the village of Ancient Olympia. A fire zone has been created around the archeological site.

“Pedestrian sections are in the fire and are trying to demarcate and limit it. They also operate by air, but we have other fronts. “We will fight all day,” the minister said.

Mr. Chrysochoidis claimed that there were “difficult, special conditions at the point that we do not often encounter but there is a crisis management plan.”

Finally, he congratulated all the firefighters and expressed his hope that we will overcome this evil and restore the damage and the environment.


According to the Fire Brigade, the forest fire that broke out yesterday in the Melpeia area of the Municipality of Oichalia, Messinia, is in progress and 28 firefighters are operating, with 1 group of pedestrians, 11 vehicles and 1 fire brigade. Water tankers and local government machinery provide assistance.

Yesterday, through 112, the communities of Monastiraki, Vrachos, Agioi Theodoroi, Parapougi, Karnassi and Desylla were ordered to be evacuated for precautionary reasons.

Source: politis.com.cy

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