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Berengaria: The static strengthening and upgrading of the historic building has been completed

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BBF partnership signing: – Thanos Hotels to manage the new hotel

Βερεγγαρια: Ολ&omicron ;κληρoθηκε η στατικor ενiσχυση κα ι αναβαθμιση του ιστορικοy κτι&rho ;iου

The process of maintenance and revival of the abandoned historical hotel Berengaria in Prodromos is a fact. The bbf: Group, as the new owner and investor in the emblematic plot of land at the top of Troodos, completed the titanic effort to save the historic building with static reinforcement and upgrading.

– Design for 30 rooms, 9 villas, 14 apartments, 13 townhouses, with spa and restaurants.

– Priority in highlighting the historicity of the building and its architectural influence on the surrounding area.

– Emphasis on the protection of the environmental ecosystem and the biodiversity of Prodromos.

– Promotion of the village of Prodromos and the surrounding area, as a destination for high-quality tourism.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, October 11, in a special area of ​​the hotel, an update was given on the maintenance and renovation works of Berengaria and the strategic cooperation of managing the new hotel by Thanos Hotels & Resorts, which takes over the operation of the hotel. Thanos Hotels & Resorts, owner of the country's leading hotels (Anassa, Annabelle, Almyra), provides the required guarantee for the high-level operation and development of Berengaria, and fully matches the finesse that the bbf Group: is known for its investment in the historic site. It is yet another confirmation of bbf's commitment: to domestic strategic partnerships and investments that create goodwill for the country.

The revitalization of the Berengaria hotel will include the integration of a multitude of state-of-the-art internal and external infrastructures, all studied and designed in such a way as to protect and highlight the historic building, but also the natural landscape in which it is located. The Berengaria Hotel will consist of the listed hotel Berengaria, with 30 rooms, of which 6 will be suites, 12 connected rooms and the remaining 12 standard rooms, 14 apartments, a state-of-the-art spa, as well as 13 townhouses and 9 independent mansions in the surrounding area.

Undoubtedly, the restoration of the Berengaria hotel is one of the most emblematic and long-awaited projects of bbf:. One of the main objectives of the project is to protect the history and tradition of the building. The balanced combination of modern luxury infrastructure together with the historical significance of the hotel is also a key objective of bbf:, which seeks to highlight the beauty not only of Berengaria, but also of the mountainous region.

This iconic project aspires to establish Berengaria Hotel as the island's ultimate mountain destination, both for tourists and residents, offering them unique hospitality experiences. At the same time, through the project, it is sought to strengthen the community of Prodromos – where the hotel is located – but also of Troodos in general, wanting to establish the mountainous areas as a year-round destination for well-being and well-being. At a time when mental health and well-being are emerging as a key pillar of the European way of life, bbf: invests in the emergence of Cyprus as a pioneer country in the European Commission's strategy. The purpose is to create a destination of high quality and aesthetics where the tenants of the Berengaria Hotel will be able to integrate with the natural lung of Troodos and live within it, either in the hotel premises, or exploring the nature trails and the beautiful surroundings villages – Prodromos, Pedoulas, Kalopanagiotis, Platres, Lemythou etc. An important pillar in the whole effort is the emphasis of the new Berengaria Hotel on the field of gastronomy and its sustainable development through the investment and promotion of local materials and products from the crafts of the Troodos area.

At what stage? works are underway at Berengaria

The restoration work at Berengaria has already begun at an intensive pace with the aim of completing this colossal project on schedule and opening its doors to the public.

So far the work in Berengaria is in the phase of repairs to the stone walls of the building and the horizontal concrete slabs.

The immediate interventions phase preceded, in which the collapsed areas were rebuilt and dangerous cracks were repaired. .

In the first phase of the immediate interventions for the reconstruction of the walls, the same type of stones as those of Troodos were used, as well as the same technique so that the new walls would not differ from the existing ones. To repair the serious cracks, the stones were rearranged so that they would bind together, while in the area of ​​the cracks, injections of lime mortar were made to fill the gaps.

The second phase of repairs to the stone masonry is in progress and concerns: the removal of the existing jointing on all surfaces of the building, internal and external (8329m2) and the deepening of the joints with high pressure water jetting. A modern method that is used in the walls of the building is the placement of cannulas to make filling injections. Specifically, 16,680 tubes and 82,600 lt of grout have been used to repair the cracks. Next is the new grouting at a depth of 7cm. with care so that the outline of the stones is clearly visible and the surface of the stones is cleaned. Finally, the external surfaces are coated to prevent water absorption.

In relation to the repair of concrete slabs and beams, the work carried out relates to the removal of spalled concrete until the oxidized reinforcement is exposed, followed by the cleaning, maintenance and restoration of the reinforcement, with the aim of restoring the removed concrete , with concrete of high strength and adhesion.

Works at this stage continue at an intensive pace and are expected to be completed in the next few months.

The next stage of work

The repair and restoration work of the next phase of Berengaria will concern the replacement of the roof and the further strengthening of the building's structure in order to upgrade the building's seismic resistance.

This second stage will begin with the removal of the existing roof and the replacement with a new one, which will include a new metal frame, wooden beams and tiles. This will be followed by the excavation and construction of the spa area and the new swimming pool, as well as its extension, where the extension of the restaurant and bar areas will be located.

Subsequently, the placement of the new frames in the various openings (doors and windows) will be carried out. The new frameworks will be the same in design as the existing ones – as urban planning requires.

At the last stage, the appropriate configuration of the hotel's interior spaces, such as the hotel rooms, common areas, traffic corridors, etc., always in accordance with urban planning requirements.

The preservation and highlighting of the traditional character of the building, something that will testify its history to the public that will visit it, combined with the protection of the natural landscape in which it is located, is the main concern of bbf:.

The spaces of Berengaria

The interior and exterior spaces of Berengaria will harmoniously and elegantly combine the traditional style with modern touches, while in the surrounding area will be the independent villas and residential apartments, which will they respectfully follow the natural topography of the land, highlighting the beauty of the wooded area.

The exterior of the building will be dominated by gray stone, the windows will retain their original form, and the roof will be rebuilt. The distinctive gable towers and the dominant tower above the entrance will be retained, with wood and stone taking center stage. The outdoor space will feature a swimming pool, comfortable seating areas, breakfast area and bar, all with stunning views of the forest.

The entrance of the hotel will be grand, which will be restored to its original form, preserving its historical character. From the entrance area the visitor will be led to the restaurant, the cafeteria, the billiard room and the sitting room with the two old fireplaces and the reading room. The hotel floors will house the suites and condo apartments.

The hotel's new luxury spa, which will feature a variety of luxurious amenities, will be located below ground level and will uniquely connect with its surroundings. space.

Of Berengaria Hotel, the architectural study was undertaken by Marios Economides & Maria Akkelidou Architects LLC.

The completion of the project is expected in mid-2026. It is an investment of 35 million euros – 20 million euros for the new hotel and 15 million euros for the apartments and villas in the surrounding area.

For more information: bbf.com

Here are photos of the Berengaria restoration work

Βερεγγαρια: Ολ&omicron ;κληρoθηκε η στατικor ενiσχυση κα ι αναβαθμιση του ιστορικοy κτι&rho ;iου

The under construction exterior view of the building

Βερεγγαρια: Ολ&omicron ;κληρoθηκε η στατικor ενiσχυση κα ι αναβαθμιση του ιστορικοy κτι&rho ;iου

Complete repair of existing slabs and beams

Βερεγγαρια: Ολ&omicron ;κληρoθηκε η στατικor ενiσχυση κα ι αναβαθμιση του ιστορικοy κτι&rho ;iου

Cleaning interior stone walls with high pressure water

Βερεγγαρια: Ολ&omicron ;κληρoθηκε η στατικor ενiσχυση κα ι αναβαθμιση του ιστορικοy κτι&rho ;iου

Internal stone wall grouting and preparation for injections

Βερεγγαρια: Ολ&omicron ;κληρoθηκε η στατικor ενiσχυση κα ι αναβαθμιση του ιστορικοy κτι&rho ;iου

Cleaning slabs and beams

Βερεγγαρια: Ολ&omicron ;κληρoθηκε η στατικor ενiσχυση κα ι αναβαθμιση του ιστορικοy κτι&rho ;iου

Works on the outer stone facade

Βερεγγαρια: Ολ&omicron ;κληρoθηκε η στατικor ενiσχυση κα ι αναβαθμιση του ιστορικοy κτι&rho ;iου

North Wing – Existing Timber Roof

Βερεγγαρια: Ολ&omicron ;κληρoθηκε η στατικor ενiσχυση κα ι αναβαθμιση του ιστορικοy κτι&rho ;iου

The work is always done with the aim of protecting and highlighting the environmental ecosystem

Βερεγγαρια: Ολοκληρθηκε η στατικor ενΙσχυση και αναβαθμι&sigma

What Berengaria Hotel will look like

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