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Berg: “We did very well with Karabakh, we were unlucky – Championship is a priority”

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The coach of Omonia, Henning Berg, spoke on the website of the greens about tomorrow's (03/10) game against Olympiakos. He also referred to the “keys” for the victory to come, in Thursday's match against Karabakh and stressed that the team will be ready despite the new match obligation in a short time.

Detailed what he said…

How do you expect the game with Olympiakos?

“As always it will be a difficult game. We are looking forward to the game again and of course we want to do everything to win. We had a game against Karabakh on Thursday. We did a lot of good things in this game and another day the result would have been different. We were a bit unlucky with most of the goals we conceded. I think we did a lot of good things in this game, but that's the way football is and anything can happen. Now we are looking forward to the match with Olympiakos and we want to go there fresh and ready to give it our all “.

What are the keys to getting the three points?

“We have to play at a good pace and have a good attacking game. Make sure we have good returns on defense to not let them hit us on the counterattack, in an area that is good enough. Also, to have the energy and mentality that a game needs to compete, to win it. To do everything to get the three points “.

Two days after a European game, we have one more for the championship. Are we ready for this program?

“It simply came to our notice then. We knew before the match with Karabakh that we would face Olympiakos on Sunday. And that was one of the reasons for the selection of the eleven and the changes in last Thursday's match. The championship is our main priority, although we want to go as well as we can in Europe as well. We are trying to find balance and I must say that we played a good game against Karabakh. However, we were a bit unlucky with the first two goals we conceded and after that it was difficult. We played against a good team. This is how football is. There is a chance that you will lose games when you face good teams, but it is also possible that you will win. After the first half we were close to winning the game at the end and now we want to be ready for the match with Olympiakos. To present ourselves strong and ready to approach our best level “.

Our fans were disappointed after the result against Karabakh, but they believe in the team and will be by its side in tomorrow's match. Can you send them a message?

“I want to thank them very much for their support. The atmosphere before and during the game was great. We are very disappointed like them for the result in the end. We wanted so much to win the match, especially when you are in front of the score with 1-0. But we also know that in football anything can happen. Like, I said we were very unlucky in the first two goals and in the other two there was a bit of lack of concentration. Psaltis was injured and Eric was out in the last two goals, but these can happen. I am satisfied with many things we did on Thursday. “Our fans have always been with us and I'm sure they will continue to be.”

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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