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Betting on achieving collaborations for Averoff

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Betting on achieving collaborations for Averoff

Frixos Dalitis

The Politburo of the Democratic Alarm gave the green light for the candidacy of Averof Neophytos for the Presidency of the Republic, which will be formally ratified based on the statute by the Supreme Council on March 12. At the same time, however, members of the ruling party's party body authorized their president to start a round of contacts with the center-right parties, with the prospect of collaborating in the run-up to the presidential election.

Averof Neophytou's flirtation is particularly intense from the time of his submission for candidacy and which continued through the vocabulary of his public statements. It highlights the cooperation with opposition parties, removes AKEL from the equation of cooperation from the beginning, emphasizes the need for the new President to have the possibility of parliamentary cooperation, while regarding the Cyprus issue, indicates that the final decision belongs to the people through referendums.

The openings of Averof Neophytou certainly did not go unnoticed by AKEL, which seized the opportunity to launch a fierce attack against the president of DISY, commenting that “in front of the chair of power they are capable of everything.”


Green light from the Politburo of DISY for Averof candidacy Averof Neophytou officially submitted his candidacy (video) Averof Neophytou starts a battle for alliances

AKEL spokesman Giorgos Koukoumas was particularly caustic and aggressive against what Averof Neophytou said in an interview with RIK on Monday night, talking about DISY president's assholes and chewed words in relation to the form of the Cyprus solution . George Koukoumas noted that the conflict in the Democratic Alarm and the mutual accusations between them are their internal issue. “However, what the president of the Alarm said in his interview with RIK yesterday reveals something that concerns all the people: That those who govern the place today have neither barriers nor principles in their thirst to stay in power,” he said, adding that Averof Neophytou, in an impressive asshole, chewed them in relation to the form of solution of the Cyprus problem. “He is thus trying to address the anti-federal circles, but in reality what he is doing is opening the door to the British federal ideas or to the two states that Nikos Anastasiadis was also discussing,” he said.

AKEL did not leave the issue of collaborations and the non-exclusion of ELAM by Averof Neophytou either. “The president of DISY, who describes himself as a 'liberal', opened the door even for the participation of the neo-fascist ELAM in the government, if the Alarm wins a third term,” he pointed out. He also commented that Mr. Neophytos's many promises for the future of the place, “these do not differ in any way from Mr. Anastasiadis's commitments that everyone knows what they mean. After all, what can the best friend of the banks and the big financial interests say to the people? “

In Pindarou they lifted the glove and responded in a similar style to Hezekiah Papaioannou. “AKEL is tearing down because it can not build. “Our national issue must go beyond party controversies and not be the subject of cheap and false impressions”, said the party's spokesman Dimitris Dimitriou, accusing AKEL of resorting to fake news “to challenge the obvious, beyond sad proof “Zero proposal weakens our voice abroad and does not serve the purpose of defending the Cypriot interests”.

The DISY spokesman stressed that Averof Neophytou will not take exams today for his commitment to a sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem, in the form as defined in his resolutions and positions for a faster resumption of talks, attributing to AKEL the intention to poison the citizens with lies on such a sensitive issue “. To conclude by saying that “AKEL instead of waving its finger at Averof Neophytou is better to find a convincing governance program so that it does not have to recycle bankrupt prescriptions”.

What is required, of course, is the reaction of the parties to which Averof Neophytos's flirtation is addressed. Sources from DIKO commented yesterday on “F” that they expected this move from the president of DISY, and that they expected that he would proceed with openings in order to approach for cooperation. As for DIKO itself, as they noted, it remains open for cooperation to all, but at the same time they indicated what the president of the party stated publicly that a cooperation of the opposition parties remains a priority. Circles of DIKO also stressed that what is important is the perspective they will have on the basis of DIKO, which alliances will be concluded. That is, the degree of clustering they could achieve around the candidate they decide to support.

Regarding EDEK, the facts are different as the court cases do not leave room for discussion of the issues related to the presidential elections. “For the time being, there can be no reaction. At the moment, the emphasis is to close the internal party issues with the decrees and then we will evaluate the scenario “, said a source from EDEK.

February 6 the DIKO Conference

The Democratic Party has set a new date for its Congress. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic and the new restrictive measures, the party Secretariat decided at its meeting last Sunday, as the Congress will finally take place on February 6. The Conference will be only political and not statutory in order to facilitate the realization and online to some extent. Essentially, it will have a physical presence within the number provided based on the health protocol and at the same time there will be the possibility of monitoring and intervention of other members online.

Source: www.philenews.com

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