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Betty Maggira on the annoyance of Ioanna Maleskus: “Maybe we took it a little too long”

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    Η ΜπΕττυ ΜαγγΙρα για την ενoχληση τη&sigmaf? εσκου: «Μorπως το τραβorξαμε και εμ&epsilon ;λς λλγο παραπανω»

    Betty Magyra on the annoyance of Ioanna Maleskus: “Maybe we dragged it out a bit more”

    Betty Magyra and the company of the show I Love Sou Kou commented on the television developments of the week, but also on Ioanna Maleskou's annoyance with the term “sidewalk” journalist.

    “I've heard people say that I've done 'pavement' which I don't like as a term to tell you. They probably mean the part of the report, all this running”, was the answer of Ioanna Maleskus.

    On the morning of Saturday, March 23, Betty Maggira commented: “I think we misunderstood her a little bit Ioanna, I include us too, even though we didn't say anything. I learned about the “pavement” with this story. I've never heard of that before, I'm not a pavement reporter. I know the other meaning of the sidewalk and as she herself said, when this phrase is heard, the mind goes elsewhere,” said Betty Maggira.

    “In journalism, we call “the sidewalk” the people who have gone out, they've been reporting a lot on the road outside, they've been set up with the camera. When she heard it for the first time, maybe she herself didn't know what it meant. Did we take it a little longer…” added the ANT1 presenter.

    While Dimitris Makalias expressed his annoyance with Giorgos Liagas' comment: “”Beautiful woman, but you don't listen to what she says”, cruel ataka, you don't say that about Ioanna Malesku now,” said her partner Bettys Maggira.


    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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