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Betty Magira: She spoke about the bullying her eldest daughter suffered at school

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    ΜπΕττυ ΜαγγΙρα: Μiλησε για το bullying που υπeστη η μεγλη &tau

    On the occasion of the revelation of Marianda Pieridis, that her son was the victim of a beating by a classmate

    Betty Maggira and her colleagues on the show “I love Souko” discussed the public outburst of Marianda Pieridis on Instagram, where she revealed that her son has been bullied.

    In turn, the presenter also revealed the adventure of her daughter, who also she was a victim of school bullying.

    As Betty Magira said: “I was furious that my older daughter was being psychologically pressured by a classmate to hang out. It would put her in such a difficult position that the little child would come home and cry. And I had to find ways for her to deal with it, and because she was shy and didn't want to offend her, it put even more pressure on her. The abuser recognizes the victim very easily”.

    Betty Maggira: A classmate of my older daughter used to oppress her psychologically, she would come home and cry

    Betty Maggira concluded, stressing: “Of course, if mother, I tried to shield her, to give her the confidence to deal with the issue on her own, to understand that those we don't like, the toxic ones who approach us and we don't want them, we put them aside. This is not easy for a child who goes to primary school, to understand and expect him to do it”.

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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