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Biden will attend the conference on peace in Ukraine

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Ο Μπαιντεν θα &mu ;ετασχει στη διασκεψη για την ει&rho ;orνη στην Ουκρανiα

US President Joe Biden will attend the High-Level Conference on Peace in Ukraine, which is expected to be held in Switzerland in mid-June, according to Swiss media.

The date of the has not yet been set, but several media this week reported January 16 and 17 as the most likely dates.

The invitations have not yet been sent, but the NZZ newspaper reports, citing "multiple reliable sources" ?, that he was informed that the American president will participate.

Swiss authorities have so far not released details about this conference or the preparations for holding it.

Switzerland announced on January 15 that it had agreed to host a peace conference in Ukraine during a visit that was held in the country by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who met there with his Swiss counterpart Viola Amhert.

Zelensky had then referred to a "summit" and had immediately ruled out the possibility that Russia could participate in it. However, Switzerland, which wants to maintain its neutrality, preferred to refer to a "High Level Conference for Peace in Ukraine" and is struggling to woo China and other powers among emerging economies to join.

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignacio Cassis also tried to reach out to Moscow, meeting in January in New York with the Russian counterpart of Sergei Lavrov. However, Russia considers that Switzerland has lost its neutrality by adopting the sanctions imposed by the European Union.

Representatives of dozens of countries are expected at the conference, according to the media.

According to Bloomberg, it will not be held in Geneva, as some media had reported, but near Lucerne, in the central part of Switzerland, at the luxurious Hotel Bürgenstock, which is idyllically situated on the hillside above Lake Lucerne.

Source: APE-MPE-AFP 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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