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BIG bad weather in GREECE, trees fell, power cut in many areas

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The hurricane that hit many areas of the country early on Sunday caused dozens of problems.

In Attica, more than 40 trees fell in the areas of Filothei and Psychiko, with several roads closed as the fire brigade and municipal forces operate in the areas.

The strong winds also created problems for coastal shipping as a result of which a sailing ban is in effect from Rafina, Piraeus and Lavrio. The press representative of the Fire Department, Giannis Artopioos, spoke to ERT about the disasters caused by the bad weather, warning that the weather phenomenon is ongoing and people should avoid going near trees.

Throw away” the Christmas tree in Philothei
As Kostas Stamou, who was found in the areas of the Northern Suburbs, reported, there are dozens of calls to the fire department to rescue people from elevators due to the power outage or to pump water. The strong winds hit areas in Attica such as Filothei, Psychiko, Pefki, Lykovrisi and Marousi, with the result that the fallen trees have caused a lot of damage to houses. Bins have been swept into the middle of the streets by the tornado-like storm. In Filothei, the wind blew the Christmas tree into the central square, while the force of the wind broke PPC poles and trees that caused damage to parked vehicles.

Attiki received the biggest blow
Speaking about a dynamic phenomenon that is ongoing, the representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artopioos, stated that “from this short duration of rain and the very strong weather phenomena we had in terms of wind gusts, Attica seems to have received the biggest blow with a total of 115 calls until about 06:30 in the morning we had all over Athens, with particular gravity in the northern suburbs.

“We have 115 calls, 95 tree fellings so far and 20 object removals, which means that out of a total of 337 calls nationwide, we have 337 incidents nationwide,” said Mr. Artophios, pointing out that Western Greece has been hit by this bad weather that is still ongoing.

Vehicles were crushed in Thessaloniki
In Thessaloniki, due to the strong winds, trees fell and crushed two vehicles in a school yard, while the fire department received several calls about other falling trees in several areas of the city. In total, the Fire Service received 15 calls and proceeded to cut 8 trees in the areas of Harilaou, Toumba, Perea and Souroti. The falls caused damage to two vehicles. Firefighters cut down 13 trees and in two cases removed objects that had drifted into the Region of Central Macedonia. A total of 25 calls were made to the Fire Department. Officials of the Fire Department in Western Macedonia received 11 calls and proceeded to cut down 8 trees.

Problems in Western Greece
In Western Greece, the fire service received more than 80 calls from last Saturday night to this morning in the region due to the problems caused by the occurrence of strong winds, storms and heavy rains. According to fire department numbers, the operations center received a total of 82 calls. According to the same source, firefighters cut down 41 trees and removed five objects.

Problems in the traffic of vehicles in parts of the road network of Achaia are caused by the wave of bad weather that has hit the area since last Saturday night.< /p>

Since the bad weather, vehicle traffic has also been suspended on the old national road of Patras-Corinth, at the height of the Metohi area of ​​Aegialia, due to a landslide of transported materials, following rainfall.

Also, traffic has been suspended since the 1 kilometer of the provincial road Aigiou-Derveniou-Mamusia, due to a landslide of transported materials and stones due to the rainfall, while the movement of vehicles between the communities of Dafnes and Paraskevi of the Municipality of Aegialia, due to a landslide.

Falling trees and power outages from the night storm – Dozens of calls to the fire brigade of strong southerly winds blowing in many marine areas and reaching the seas in places as high as 9 Beaufort, according to the National Weather Service. There are also no hydrofoil routes for the Argosaronic Sea.

The Kavala-Prinos line is also closed. Passengers who are going to travel today should contact the local port authorities and tourist agencies before their departure in order to be informed of any changes or modifications to itineraries.

The Operations Center received 337 calls throughout the country.
A total of 337 calls were received by the Operations Center of the Fire Brigade due to the occurrence of stormy winds accompanied by heavy rains and storms in areas of the country. Most of the calls mainly concern tree cutting and assistance.


• In the Attica Region, the PS Operations Center received 115 calls and 95 tree cuttings and 20 object removals took place.< /p>

• In the Region of Western Greece, the PS Operations Center received 82 calls and 41 tree cuttings and 5 object removals took place.

• In the Central Greece Region, the PS Operations Center received 45 calls and 37 trees were cut down.

• In the Peloponnese Region, the PS Operations Center received 22 calls and 16 tree fellings and 1 object removal took place.

• In the Central Macedonia Region, the PS Operations Center received 25 calls and 13 tree cuttings and 2 removals took place objects.

• In the Region of Western Macedonia, the PF Operations Center received 11 calls and 8 tree cuttings were carried out.

• In the Thessaly Region, the PF Operations Center received 15 calls and 10 cuts were made of trees

• In the Region of the Ionian Islands, the PS Operations Center received 15 calls and 10 tree fellings and 1 object removal took place.

• In the Region of Epirus, the PS Operations Center received 7 calls and 6 tree fellings and 1 object removal took place

The Fire Department calls on citizens to be particularly careful and in the event of weather phenomena to follow the instructions of the competent authorities.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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