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Big kazoo for Mars from tail Glory

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The Katokopia team did the damage to the Limassolians

Μεγα καζο για Αρη απ' την ουραγΔξα

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The biggest surprise in this year's championship was made by Doxa who won 2-0 against Aris. Inferior to the circumstances was the team of Alexei Spilevski who remained at 29 points and in 5th place.

Part 1

The two teams entered quite hungry on the field and tried to threaten from the first minutes.

Aris missed the first big chance in the 5th minute with Mayabela taking the shot but Prugic clearing the ball on the line.

For its part, Doxa who did not play passive football threatened Aris enough in the first half. In the 11th minute Trugic shot from close range but missed the target.

In the 25th minute it was the guests' turn to threaten again with Maiabella making the shot but Siskowski shouted “present”.

Four minutes later Aris threatened again with Gomis going one-on-one with Siskowski but his finish was disappointing sending the ball wide.

Doxa managed to open the scoring of the match in the 34th minute with Asante took advantage of Vanas' misplaced exit and after approaching the empty net he scored the goal for his team.

As if that wasn't enough for Alexei Spilevski and his players, one minute before the end of the first half, Doxa scored a second goal. After a foul by Velkovski, Vana made another mistimed exit and Gomis, after a challenge with Antoniadis, sent the ball into the nets of his team.

Thus, Doxa took a strong lead and went to the locker room ahead by 2 -0.

Part B

Ares tried to get a quick goal to get back into the game. In the 49th minute after Maiabella's turn and the counters, Kazu finished from close range but Siskowski made a great save.

The Aris team may have had possession of the ball but in no way could they become particularly threatening.

Doxa tried to end the game through counter-attacks but their players could not finish the phases ideally.

In the 93rd minute Aris came close to the goal but Modnor's header went past Siskovsky's goal.

Nothing changed until the final whistle of the referee with Doxa celebrating great win while Aris struggled with his performance.


Glory:Siskowski, Trujic, Fofana , Nabi, Skoglund, Alseus, Velkovski, Antoniadis, Kyriakou, Puric, Asante.

Mars: Vana, Kazou, Musuda, Brown, Kakorin, Gomis, Iago, Mayabella, Struski , Brosson, Montnor.

Scorers: 34' Assade, 47' Gomis (Own goal)/-

Yellows: Kyriakou, Alceus, Puric, Sadik, Gleofilo/Kazou, Modnor

Dismissals: -/-

Referee: Hatzigeorgiou Panagiotis

Var: Athanasiou Kyriakos

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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