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Bill for a ceiling on the price of bottled water was approved by the Cabinet – To whom…

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The bill also provides for the imposition of administrative fines on those who violate the law

The Council of Ministers gave the green light to a Bill that provides for the option of a ceiling on the sale of bottled water at specific points of sale. Energy Minister Giorgos Papanastasiou stated immediately after the end of the session of the Council of Ministers that the bill was approved and will be submitted in the next few days to the Parliament.

According to Mr. Papanastasiou, the need to set a ceiling was identified as in some points of sale where there is no competition in the sale of water and some other products unreasonably high prices were observed.

The bill, as drafted by the Consumer Protection Service, will impose the ceiling on bottled water in a 500 ml package, bottled water in a 750 ml package, inside and outside the refrigerator, as well as drinking water sold in glass.

A ceiling will be imposed on water prices and in cases where consumers self-serve, i.e. they take from a store and buy the water without sitting in the catering area to be offered serving services. The Minister of Commerce will be able to issue a decree, which will determine the products on which the ceiling will be imposed, as well as the points of sale where the measure will be applied.

At the same time, the bill provides that the maximum prices for water will apply to airports, ports, sports venues (stadiums and stadiums), closed beaches (remote), theaters, cinemas, archaeological sites and museums.

It should be noted that through decree, the maximum sales prices and sales points will be revised. The bill also provides for the imposition of administrative fines on those who violate the law.

Source: politis.com.cy

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