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Birthday σήμερα celebrates today the “5” who left DIKO and created the political platform “Cooperation of Democratic Forces”

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Birthday σήμερα celebrates today the

On 7/28/20 at noon, the five first-class DIKO executives, including three MPs from Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia, Prokopiou, Votsis, Mousiouttas, Tryfonidis and Tsingis, publicly announced their departure from the Democratic Party. of Nikolas Papadopoulos and his close circle that concerned political mutations but cartels that are far removed from the policies of the authentic center and administrative internal party abuses and diversions.

An excerpt from their statements at the time referred to, among other things:

“It is sad that the DIKO of the Center, the DIKO of moderation, composition and prudence, has been transformed and trapped in a small closed group that surrounds you, where one decides and the others either have to follow or are marginalized or out of the window. The examples are many, very recent and in previous years with various executives but also many simple friends and competitors who consciously separated their position. The collective organs of the party have long acquired a decorative character. The party hierarchy is being circumvented daily.

Instead of strengthening the role of the party by participating as an interlocutor and co-shaper of the government, we have a contradictory opposition, with a vague position, problematic physiognomy and constant transitions to positions and political collaborations ala carte, which have no coherence with each other, resulting in have led the party to a strategic impasse and political marginalization, with a loss of credibility vis-.-vis all political forces and all those who at times collaborated with the current leadership.

You led with your attitude, a series and piles of important non-party executives, marginalizing others within the party.

But apart from the complete discrediting of the party's internal processes, institutions and executives, the most tragic and essential is the regression and the almost daily mutations in relation to the other parties. And people realize that.

It is not possible at the same time that you devalue the institution of the PD to seek cooperation with the ruling party. It is not normal to seek the change of head of state, collaborating with the party that until recently you accused of outdated perceptions and that it lost all contact with reality.

It is not possible to consider everyone as a lowly national resistance and at the same time talk to them, with the ultimate goal of promoting you to high positions. It is not possible for the interests of the few to be the main priority, instead of the anthropocentric character that DIKO had to represent. At the same time, you destroyed every bridge with your former collaborators in the intermediate space “.

At the beginning of October 2020, they announced in a press release the name of the political platform called “Cooperation of Democratic Forces” and at the beginning of December 2020, they announced their political and electoral coexistence and cooperation with the Democratic Party of Marios Karoyan.

In the parliamentary elections last May, DIKO reduced its power, received 11.29%, and the Democratic Party – Cooperation of Democratic Forces gave a potential presence of 6.10%.

The letter to Nikolas Papadopoulos:

letter to Nikola Papadopoulos, 28.07.21

Source: politis.com.cy

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