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Bitter grade for Paphites and Limassolians

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Neutralize with both lost

Πικρός βαθμός για ΠαφΙτες και Λ&epsilon ;μεσιανοyς

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Paphos and Apollonas drew 1-1 at Stelios Kyriakides, a result that leaves no room for improvement. none pleased. The Limassol team took the lead in the 28th minute through Marquez but could not get the win as Roos managed to equalize for his team in the 89th minute.

Part 1

The match at “Stelios Kyriakidis” started with the home team coming in stronger and trying to threaten.
However, they were unable to threaten Dimitrios' goal except for a stoppage time in the 12th minute which was finally whistled for an offensive foul. .

Apollonas slowly managed to balance the game and tried to threaten in turn. In the 23rd minute Perec tried his foot outside the area but Ivusic saved.

In the 28th minute, Apollonas opened the scoring after a nice ball from Ekbolos to Markes, who made a perfect save and then crushed Ivusic to make it 0-1.

Paphos could not react after the goal they conceded. with its players making several individual mistakes.
One minute before the end of the half, the home team threatened after a nice collaboration and the final receiver was Valakari who made the shot but Dimitriou saved.

So so the end of the first half found Apollon leading Paphos 0-1.

Second Part

The second half started with Apollo missing a great opportunity. Ball again to Marques who stepped on Bagenga but the visitors' striker did not find the ball as he would have liked.

Paphos also threatened in the 51st minute with Tankovic making a nice shot but Dimitriou made an impressive save in corner,

The home team tried to be more threatening but could not make any claims in the Apollo area.
In the 63rd minute, Tankovic attempted a shot, but Dimitriou was ready and made a solid save.

On the other hand, Apollonas first tried to defend and keep the lead in their favor and second to threaten through counterattacks.


In the 83rd minute, the home team threatened again with Tankovic taking a shot inside the area, but the ball went just outside Dimitrios' goal.

Where everything showed that Apollon would withstand the pressure of Pafos, Toumasi was brought down in the area by Malekkidis with the referee pointing to the penalty spot. Dragomir took over the execution but Dimitriou saved in a corner.

Nevertheless, the Paphian team managed to equalize in the next phase with Rous catching the nailed header after a cross from Toumasi and bringing the game to a close. on equal footing.

Nothing changed until the referee's final whistle with both teams taking one point each with the result leaving no one happy.


Paphos:Ivusic, Rous, Kvida, Goldar, Botsky, Nam (68′ Pepe), Dragomir, Valakari (68′ Toumasi), Bruno (78′ Abdusalamov), Tankovic, Zairo

On the bench: Josipovic, Kane, Ikoko, Dimitriou . ), Kohl, Artean, Peretz (64′ Valbuena), Marques (84′ Filiotis), Bakenga (64′ Chagall)

On the bench: Stylianou, Loizou, Adonis, Peiburns .

Dismissals: -/-

VAR: Antonio Menelaos

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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