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Black Friday: 50-cent sales and consumer complaints

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Black Friday: Εκπτoσεισ 50 &sigma ;εντ και καταγγελiες καταναλω&tau ?o&nu?

For the last few hours, users on social media have been commenting in posts on commercial stores' advertisements for discounts of a few euros or even a few cents


Discounts of a few euros, or even a few cents, are advertised in the run-up to Black Friday by electronics and electrical appliance companies, while the movement in the market does not seem to be as expected for the Black Friday period and is certainly far below compared to the peak of the institution which took place in the years 2018 and 2019. In the last few hours, users on social media have been commenting on commercial store advertisements for discounts of a few euros or even a few cents on products with a selling price of more than 100 euros. However, as reported by the Cyprus Consumers' Association, there is no specific framework that defines the amount of the discount that a company will impose on a product. However, it is clear that such offers will not attract consumers to the market.

Anyway the circumstances are not favorable for the markets in the next two days, mainly due to accuracy, and the general conclusion is that due to accuracy and of inflationary pressures, consumer behavior will adjust and focus on essential expenses.

In the meantime, the offices of the Cyprus Consumers' Association started to receive complaints and complaints about purchases during the Black Friday period. In total, since the beginning of November, with the beginning of the Black Friday offers, to date there have been ten complaints, most of which concern companies selling electrical and electronic devices.

-Two complaints related to discounts of up to 20-30% presented by businesses in the Black Friday institution, where the discount was not calculated when paying for the products. The Association contacted the companies, who refunded the money to consumers. On behalf of the association, Mrs. Virginia Christou stated that consumers should be very careful and examine the receipt before leaving the cash register, so that they know what they have paid and that the change process can be easily done.

-One complaint for not listing prices. It involved a company that featured products in Black Friday deals without listing the price. In this case the complaint will also be forwarded to the Ministry of Commerce for information purposes.

-A case in which the company did not list the initial price but only the final price of the product.

& #8211; One complaint concerned a company that presented through its website some products with a discount due to Black Friday, the consumer proceeded to order and was finally informed after a few days that there is no stock.

-A complaint about reducing the warranty period of the product to one year instead of two, due to the fact that the product was on sale. The Association emphasizes that for all new products the warranty period is two years and for used products a 1 year warranty and it is underlined that no discount can deprive the consumer of this right.

– A complaint about a business that had a specific product on offer on Black Friday, without differentiating its price before and after the offer.

– The last complaint concerns the return of a product purchased before the sale period and entitled to a refund. A problem arises with what happens to products that are on sale and are now offered at a lower price. it is an issue for which there is no legislation and it is clearly left to the company's policy.

We hope, said the legal advisor of the Consumers Association, that a correct and mature bill will be tabled to resolve with the consent of all parts of these the specific problem. In any case, he added, the return policy of each company should be displayed in a prominent place next to the cash register to inform the consumer before buying the product.

He also noted that now consumers are suspicious and are called when they detect cases of unfair commercial practices to contact either the Association or the Ministry of Commerce to proceed with their complaints.

source: THE DAILY OF CYPRUS/Maria Herakleous

Source: 24h.com.cy

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