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“Blackout” in the theater, blackout in the creation

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 “Theater is public speech, speech that is uttered in public”, “it is speech and action, if sometimes speech is limited to the minimum or completely absent”… “Theater etymologically comes from the verb θεμαι, which means I see, I observe. It is the dramatic art that follows certain conventions and represents in front of an audience a series of events using people (actors) who speak and act “.

A quick look on the internet for what theater is will give many answers. And so many more can be given by every theatrical fan or even by the one who has attended only one performance in his life… Only the officials of the Ministry of Education of our country, only some teachers are unable to comprehend the importance of theater in our lives, of children, especially. And the children themselves “put on glasses”, if we want to talk as painlessly as possible, to all of them.

Many examples, which during the pandemic multiplied and showed the importance given to creators and artistic creation, but also the appreciation for them. When the bonus that never arrived or if it arrived was not enough for the simple and everyday, when the lockdown and when the places that were given for theatrical performances that were as if they were telling the producers “do not upload a show”…

What is happening today at the Lyceum of Dasoupoli, confirms exactly the importance that the competent Ministry of Education and Culture (!) Gives to the theater. Students, with appetite and zeal, love and devotion, worked countless hours to present their theatrical performance. Not to miss a lesson, as the school principal or even the minister himself will obviously decide. But because theater is education. Theater is education. Fine print. And so the children's “Black Out” , the show they so diligently prepared, is simply postponed. So simple…. Because “the school amphitheater can be used for teachers' meetings, for seminars, for conducting rapid tests, but not for rehearsals of the theater group”.

But on March 27, World Theater Day, we will hear many big words…

We read in parent posts:

Well, the theatrical performance of the students of the Lyceum of Dasoupolis is permanently canceled.

Διευ The principal insisted until the end that the school amphitheater could be used for teacher meetings, seminars, rapid tests, but not for rehearsals of the theater group. She may feel proud, because it became hers.

➡ The representative of the Ministry who went to the school to give a solution to the problem, instead of a compromise proposal, tried with cleverness and bad humor to persuade the students to accept the position of principal. In front of the students, he had a confrontation with the theater teacher, mocked parents who posted about the subject on FB (I think he called us idiots) and spoke highly disparagingly of the assistant principal, after the latter had left the room.

(The students (most of the seniors) missed the opportunity to present in front of their classmates, friends and teachers a theatrical performance for which they devoted many hours of their free time. And they had a first experience of how the system works and how the arts and culture are treated, but especially the people who serve it. Because what happened at Dasoupolis High School is not an isolated incident. It is not the exception, it is the rule.

And a second:

The child who at the age of 6 coexisted on stage with a group of the best actors of Cyprus in one of the best performances of THOK is today together with other children who dream of becoming theater and arts workers victim of the anti-pedagogical approach without a trace of knowledge or love for the theater of the management of the Lyceum of Dasoupolis and the representative of the ministry. It is criminal to upset and cause pain and crying to the children at school because they want to produce culture and create with the arts. And it is disrespectful to call two journalists who wrote on their wall about their actions rude. I also do not know how to characterize the statement that the amphitheater is called a multipurpose room and can even be used for a quick scan test but not given to the school's theater group.

Source: politis.com.cy

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