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Blue and white friendly dominance with positives in Ketspaia's block

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Blue and white friendly predominance with positives in Ketspaia's block

Anorthosis and Doxa had a lot of appetite in the friendly preparation that took place on Sunday night at Ant. Papadopoulos. The team of Famagusta prevailed 2-0 with goals by Christofi and Eloundou, while the corresponding team of Katokopia had good moments in some stages of the match.

On the other hand, Ketspaia had additional options since most of the players who contracted the coronavirus returned, while very close to returning are Risvanis, Busulandzic, Popovic and Katsarava who were not included in the mission, but followed a regular training program before the final. Christodoulopoulos-Aragiouri made an unofficial debut.

What stood out in the game, is the very good presence of Padic-Balde, as the former showed that he finds his good self after the injury he suffered at the end of the season, while the latter, who is a newcomer, showed some very good data as he was quite kinetic, he attempted a very good shot which found Jour on hand.

As for Anorthosis, Christodoulopoulos-Husbauer were the ones who stood out. The first one was very appetizing, he performed very good personal actions which won the applause of the attendees, while the second one took out some very accurate shots. In the first goal, he gave the assist to Christofis.

Next friendly for the team of Famagusta, next Wednesday against PAEEK also in Ant. Papadopoulos.


90 ′ End of the match.

89 'Deletic's shot, the ball was countered but Petridis repulsed with a double effort.

77 Ο Direct foul by Oliveira, repulsed by Jour.

73 'GOAL FOR ANORTHOS! After against a defender by an effort of Deletic, the ball reached the undisturbed Eloundou who with a strong place made it 2-0.

62 'GOAL FOR ANORTHOS! A race by Christofis, entered the area and opened the score with a well-aimed place.

60 'Petridis easily collects a shot on the move by Rousias.

57 Χρισ Christodoulopoulos “danced” the defense of Doxa, but in the end his place was weak and Petridis repulsed.

49 ′ Very good moment for Doxa. Shot by Balde, Jour took off and was repulsed.

46 'Ketspaia's own team, two changes for Doxa.

46 ′ Start of the second half.

45 'End of the first half.

42 Α Close place of Arayuri, just outside the ball.

42 τρα Cross of Korea, undisturbed, the Russian caught the place that stopped in the body of Padic.

41 'Shot by Ebralidze from a side position inside the area, easily repelled by Jour.

37 ′ Direct foul by Christodoulopoulos, the goalkeeper of Doxa took off and was repulsed.

28 ′ After a mistake by Padic, Christodoulopoulos gave to Ioannou, whose place he found Siskovski ready.

16 ′ Sliding shot from Korea after stealing, difficult repulse by Siskovski.

12 Π Padic kicked in the line before Rusias grabbed his head and scored.

10 ρίς No opportunities in the first 10 minutes. A shot by Economides ended up high outside.

1 ′ Start of the match.

Anorthosis (Timur Ketspaia): Jour (78 ′ Rossos), Antoniadis (68 ′ Eloundou), Arayuri (56 ′ Deletis), Korrea (78 ′ Paroutis), Korea, Abartzumian (61 ′ Kaltsas), K.Artzim ), Ioannou (56 ′ Christofi), Housbauer, Christodoulopoulos (63 ′ Chrysostomou), Rousias (68 ′ Neophytou).

Doxa (Costas Sakkas): Siskovski (46 ′ Petridis), Padic, M.Christofi (61 ′ Kallis), Kovasevic, Economidis, Traicevski, Asamoah, Stylianou, Komodikis (46. Baldze), Ebra.

Scorers: 62 ′ Christofi, 73 ′ Eloundou

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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