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Bogdanou's removal from New Democracy: The reference to communists and Kasidiaris – All in the background

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Bogdanou's removal from New Democracy: The reference to communists and Kasidiaris - All in the background

The chronicle of a pre-announced άζει deletion fits “glove” in the case of Konstantinos Bogdanos.

Because the decision of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to expel him from the Parliamentary Group of ND, should not surprise anyone and, above all, the person who was deleted.

And this, because it has not been long (16/9) since the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou, had openly warned him that “similar mistakes in the future will not be tolerated.”

The reason for Oikonomou's warning was the incident with the publication of the names of infants from a school in Athens by K. Bogdanos. Specifically, the then ND MP republished an article from the website that belonged to him until 2019, which contained a list of the names of infant immigrants.

The article on the specific site republished by Konstantinos Bogdanos presented as shocking the list of names of infants, as most were children of immigrants. The site published the specific directory, which also showed the name of the children's kindergarten teacher, presenting social media as a source.

K. Bogdanos republished the specific article, which caused a storm of reactions, while then the website removed the list from its article and made a post, in which it stated that it was entered “inadvertently”.

The “yellow card”

The issue of the unacceptable post of Konstantinos Bogdanos was mentioned by the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou.

“It is a non-negotiable policy of the government to ensure the human rights of all, let alone minors. It goes without saying that all party officials must follow this principle. Mr. Bogdanos' act was wrong and is not in line with the principles and values of ND “.

In fact, Mr. Economou had sent a strong and clear message, emphasizing “that such mistakes in the future can not be tolerated.”

As for K. Bogdanos, he had admitted his mistake, however, he had insisted on his positions on immigration, even launching an attack on the “elites”, whom he had accused, saying that the real snake egg is incubated where “The 'elites' do not agree to look.”

It should be noted, however, that the case of publishing the names of the infants was dealt with by both the Personal Data Protection Authority and the Prosecutor's Office, while SYRIZA accused ND and the Prime Minister personally of “providing coverage” to the MP.

The “red card”

The drop that overflowed the glass was the presence of Konstantinos Bgdanos in the hate events for Vitsi, in the presence of Golden Dawn.

What he said in Parliament about the KKE, the Turks and Grivas, however, angered the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, to such an extent that, within a few minutes of the “explosion” Dendias, the removal of Bogdan was announced, by his order Kyriakou Mitsotaki.

According to the announcement of ND, “the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, was informed in Slovenia where he is, about what is happening in the Parliament and with his decision, the MP of Athens A, Konstantinos Bogdanos, is placed out of the ND Parliamentary Group”.

At the same time, in fact, government sources said that “we had warned that such behavior will not be tolerated in the future. For the Prime Minister, the issues of principle are non-negotiable. When we said yellow card last time, we meant it. Unacceptable views, which are outside the value and ideological system of the SW and refer to times of division, have no place in the modern European center-right. We look forward, others are the ones looking back. “

The hot episode with Nikos Dendias in Parliament

The incident that turned the yellow card into a red one was the one that provoked the angry reaction of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, to the “conflict” of Konstantinos Bogdanos with Thanasis Pafilis of the KKE in Parliament, regarding the country's civil war past and the events in Grammos and Vitsi, but also the recent incidents of violence by fascist Golden Dawn groups in Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki.

“We are not here to return to the country's bad past. We are here to discuss the survival of our country in the future “, stressed Nikos Dendias, sending a clear message to Konstantinos Bogdanos:” I do not know, colleague, who attended the event for Vitsi. I know that my father attended Vitsi. “I say that any attempt to project in the modern political life of the painful moments of the country in the past, in order to gain micropolitical benefit, is unacceptable”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated characteristically.

He added, in fact, that “the alliance with Kasidiaris is also unacceptable. And laying a wreath with the Golden Dawn is also unacceptable and it is time to get serious, because the country is currently facing a national threat. And as long as I represent the government here, I will not allow such an effort to be made again. “Let us be in agreement”, Nikos Dendias clarified in an intense style, “emptying” K. Bogdano, known for his extreme positions.

What Bogdanos said

“Grivas said we have three enemies: the British, the Turks and the communists. The greatest danger was the communists “, said Konstantinos Bogdanos, with Thanasis Pafilis of the KKE answering:” Bogdanos was upset that they arrested his peers with sticks and found the place to throw poison. This place is full of blood, when your ancestors were collaborators of the Germans and battalion guards. What you say, the Golden Dawn also says “.

Life and state

Before joining the ND parliamentary group, K. Bogdanos “excelled” in extremism and as a journalist, who aspired to have a place on the party's ballots.

In fact, at the beginning of 2019, it was said that he would be included in ND's European ballots, however, he was “cut” on the occasion of his post on Twitter about στην tanks on ERT!

Specifically, Konstantinos Bogdanos had commented on a post by a Golden Dawn fan for ERT, who was talking about tanks at the radio house, answering: “Vote correctly and we have it.”

After the uproar caused by this post, K. Bogdanos had tried to justify himself, arguing that he had simply advised a goldsmith to vote ND.

“The Maduro-fascists of political correctness were offended when I told HAugitis to vote for ND, in order to end ERT's impunity. Reasonable. They want the right wing under the wing of their friends, the neo-Nazis, to vote NO and Thanos. Beat as much as you want, but what you knew, forget it “, K. Bogdanos wrote on twitter.

When he “washed away the Golden Dawn”

Bogdano's first “rinsing” of the Golden Dawn fascists took place through his SKAI TV show in November 2015. At the time, he had called the killer of Pavlos Fyssas a “human raccoon” and his mother, Magda Fyssa, ” λυτή ».

“We talked about thugs, mother Fyssa broke out, threw the bottle, Roupakias has started and – on a completely human level – logically this man must be a raccoon, he does not react anymore, only his lawyer reacted. On the other hand, a mother – you saw them yesterday – is free. And he turns and tells him I will not rest if I do not hang you. “You understand that it's a bit”, he had said about Pavlos Fyssas' mother.

It was preceded, in 2012, by the interview he had given to Nikos Michaloliakos, on his show, where he had essentially let Michololiakos say whatever he wanted, “rinsing out” the fascist leader of the ATHEX.

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