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Breeders rage in Paphos

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Dozens of farmers and cheesemakers in Paphos are ready for dynamic protests in case the intentions of the Ministry of Agriculture, Naturals and Environment are implemented for changes in the halloumi dossier. They told the competent ministry that any change in the quota of sheep, goat and cow milk for the halloumi would be tantamount to a declaration of war against them. Paphos breeders and cheesemakers gathered in Timi on Tuesday night and in the presence of representatives of agricultural organizations discussed the intentions of the Minister of Agriculture and decided to request a formal meeting for their information. PEK provincial secretary Charalambos Pittokopitis, commenting on the possibility of changing the milk quota, described it as a criminal act, stressing that the state, instead of supporting farmers to increase production, serves the cheese makers. As he mentioned, next Monday he will have a meeting with the minister Costas Kadis to discuss the issue, and if it is clear, as he said, that in the ministry they intend to make changes, then, he added, to expect the breeders outside the Presidential Palace./p>

They see disaster

A young breeder working in Hulu stressed that no change should be made to the milk quota under the pretext of exports, as this would undermine the halloumi itself in the long run. Any changes, he said, will put Cyprus on new adventures, without even many chances for a happy ending. He also described the new quota proposal as unsustainable, stressing that PDO agricultural products are not for the industrialists, who seek to serve the change in the milk quota for the production of halloumi. The goal of these protected products, he said, is to support small producers. Unfortunately, he concluded, the rulers are trying to serve the big industries in the industry at the expense of the small producers. For Paphos, he stressed, if these quotas are passed, in the long run they will destroy the industry and along with the cattle breeders, dozens of communities will be wiped out. The Minister of Agriculture in his statements confirmed that he will seek changes in the halloumi file, without withdrawing the relevant percentage, so that any changes do not affect its registration.

Source: politis.com.cy

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