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Britain: Employee locked the robbers inside the store – Watch the video

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<p class=The incident happened a few days ago in the Smethwick suburb of Birmingham, Britain

A video has been made public of the moment a grocery store employee, in Birmingham, Britain, manages to get out and lock two robbers inside the store who were threatening him with… a machete.

Specifically, the incident happened in Birmingham, Britain. The footage captured by the camera shows one of the masked robbers asking the clerk to empty the cash register while threatening to hit him with the machete, while one of his associates steals products from the shelves.

< strong>What the video shows

Defying the danger, the clerk runs away from the register, grabs two bottles of wine and smashes them on the floor, disorienting the robbers. He then runs out of the grocery store and locks the door behind him, trapping the two men, among them the one wielding the machete. of robbers, one of whom started using the machete to break the glass of the door.

An unarmed man inside the grocery store, who claimed he was innocent and was being threatened by the machete-wielding robber, asked the employee to let him go, but those outside blocked the exit by placing a seat in front of the broken glass. The would-be robbers eventually managed to escape by climbing out of a bathroom window in the back of the grocery store and are being sought by police.

What the store owner said

Describing the attempted robbery, the store owner said one of the robbers managed to escape before the door closed, but the other two were trapped initially: “These two guys came with knives and demanded money from my clerk. He reacted coolly, went out and locked the door.

The other guy, who was trapped inside, started banging on the window and the third man I believe was with them after they escaped together through the bathroom window. At first the man with the machete pretended to take him hostage to get my clerk to open the door. Some neighbors who helped keep the door closed also ran, they were very brave as the robber broke the glass.

“Police arrived while the robbers were still inside, but for some reason they were reluctant to enter the store. So the others managed to get out of the bathroom window. It is very scary that this can happen. My employee was shaking with fear, but fortunately he was not injured,” he said.

Watch the video

source: in.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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