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Britain: “No” Johnson answered the question of the opposition if he will resign

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The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson , who is fighting to save his position after the uprising caused by the parties in the ranks of the ruling Conservative Party in violation of the lockdown measures in Downing Street , announced today in Parliament that he will not resign.

“Every week, the prime minister offers absurd and honestly unbelievable excuses for parties on Downing Street and every week they collapse,” said Kir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labor Party , in parliament.

Starmer, who hailed the ouster of lawmaker Christian Wakeford, who left the Johnson Conservatives to join the Labor Party, asked Johnson if a prime minister should resign if he misled Parliament. Asked if he would resign immediately, Johnson said: “No.”

At the same meeting, a leading member of the Conservative parliamentary group told Johnson he would resign.

“I have spent weeks and months defending the prime minister against the often-angry electorate,” said former Brexit minister David Davis . “But I expect my leaders to take responsibility for what they do, ” he said, referring to a statement by Conservative MP Leo Emery to then-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1940. “I will remind him of a statement very familiar to him.” for the sake of God, give up ”».

Johnson yesterday denied allegations that he lied to Parliament about a lockdown party, saying no one had warned him that the rally, where everyone was bringing their own drinks, might be violating pandemic rules.

“As he wandered between empty bottles and trays of sandwiches – did he not realize it was a party?” “Doesn't the prime minister realize how ridiculous this sounds?” Starmer told parliament.

Source: politis.com.cy

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