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Britain: Third person in Kate's wedding with William? New conspiracy theories give Palace a headache (VIDEO)

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The American comedian, presenter and political commentator Stephen Colbert commented that the disappearance of the Princess of Wales from the public eye is due to the third person in her marriage

As the Palace tries to forget the scandal of Kate Middleton's teased photo with her three children on International Mother's Day, the British press is returning to the subject of Prince William's alleged lover, Rose Hanbury. Rose has been a long-time friend of the royal family and when she learned of Kate's abdominal surgery, she and her husband sent her love for a speedy recovery.

However, British citizens have expressed intense interest to find out what exactly is going on with Prince William's alleged mistress while his wife remains out of the public eye recuperating at Kensington Palace.

On Tuesday night, the American comedian, presenter and political commentator Stephen Colbert satirized the British royal family on his show, commenting characteristically that Kate's disappearance from the public eye is due to the third person in her marriage, as some of his followers also claim internet. In their comments, they write that Kate's absence may be related to the illicit relationship of her husband and heir to the British throne, host Stephen Colbert said on “The Late Show,” which aired Tuesday. “Kate's absence may be related to her husband's illicit affair and… I think we all know that the alleged other woman is Marquise Rose Hanbury,” he said characteristically.

Buckingham wants to regain his composure after the uproar that erupted when the wife of the heir to the British throne, Kate Middleton, admitted that she made minor alterations to the photo in question because she likes to experiment, although many British publications are interested in knowing anything related with the former model with whom William allegedly had an inappropriate relationship, in 2019, while they were both married.

In June 2009 Rose Hanbury, former model and partner of Conservative politician Michael Gove married Lord Holmendeley with whom she had three children. She is the daughter of web designer Timothy Hanbury and fashion designer Emma Hanbury Longman and they live in Houghton Hall, Norfolk.

In his book published last year, entitled: 'Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy's Fight for Survival,” royal expert Omid Scobie wrote that Kensington Palace was doing everything it could to stop rumors that William was cheating on her with the longtime royal friend. The point is that, after the scandal with the teased photo of Kate Middleton, the conspiracy theory about the relationship of the heir to the throne with the charming aristocrat was strongly in the foreground.

For its part, the British newspaper “Telegraph” writes that, although Colbert's show is not shown in Britain, in the US it is watched by more than 2 million viewers. However, in the United Kingdom, excerpts have also been shown on the internet, with the result that Buckingham has been unhappy with what the American presenter said about the most senior members of the royal family.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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