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Britain: Thousands of Asylum Seekers Deported to Rwanda Failed to Present to Authorities

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Βρετανλα: Χιλ ιετεσποοοο οτγιασηοτα ναροσοωσλτι ς αρχeς

The government plan seems to be “stuck”, since its implementation with flight departures has not yet started

Thousands of asylum seekers earmarked by the British Home Office for deportation to Rwanda are not reporting to the authorities or keeping in touch with the ministry, according to a government document.

From Of the 5,700 people identified for removal, 2,145 “are still being reported to the Home Office and can be identified for detention,” it said.

The document, which was posted in an update on the ministry's website on Monday, also acknowledges that there may be further delays in deportations caused by MPs who intervene at the last minute to prevent deportations.

This is the latest of many obstacles to a stalled government plan to deport asylum seekers in Rwanda, announced two years ago but yet to be implemented with flight departures .

A Home Office spokesman said: “As the Prime Minister has made clear, flights to Rwanda will begin within the next 10 to 12 weeks.”

The British Parliament recently approved the controversial Rwandan Deportation Bill. asylum seekers who entered the United Kingdom irregularly.

The Tories are presenting the bill as an anti-illegal immigration measure and it would see refugees and migrants, regardless of their origin, deported to Rwanda if they have entered the UK illegally, particularly by boat, crossing the English Channel. strong>.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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