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British minefield at the initiative of the UN Secretary General

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The intervention of the British while the envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations was trying to lay the foundations for an effort aimed at breaking the deadlock in the Cyprus issue can be considered anything but helpful.  With his statements, Irfan Siddique actually laid a British minefield that was primarily trying to create problems in the effort of Maria Angela Holguin Cuejar.

The British diplomat was summoned at noon to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where Konstantinos Kombos transferred to himNicosia's discomfort with hispositions. According to our information, Irfan Siddique remained unmoved from his positions and insisted that he has not exceeded any limit with his statements. Nicosia remains disturbed by the positions of the British diplomat but also by the fact that he refuses to admit that his statements (interview with Kathimerini newspaper) were moving in the wrong direction.

According to our informationthe British diplomat seems to have repeated today the same positions, which – it should be noted – were heard in the past and had been rejected by the Greek Cypriot side. From the point of view of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was emphasized that in a period between initiated by a United Nations initiative is at least counterproductive from London's point of viewto try to preempt any discussions. Nicosia does not consider the intervention of the British aimed at exerting pressure on the Greek Cypriot side as a coincidence.

Sidik's intervention not only provoked the reaction of the Cypriot government but also gave the Turkish Cypriot side an opportunity to appear complaining. The so-called “foreign minister” of the occupation regime, Tahsin Ertogrugolou (GTP source) called on the British High Commissioner to “keep his wisdom, advice and opinions to himself ». He also said: “He has almost made a habit of expressing opinions about the Cyprus issue that are out of bounds. With his latest statement, Siddique claims that “Turkish Cypriots are looking for incentives to return to the negotiating table” and that “there is a will to return to the negotiation table from the Greek Cypriot side”, showing how wrong his knowledge, intentions and vision of the Cyprus issue are and proving that he is not someone to be taken as an interlocutor ».

Source: www.philenews.com

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