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Building infrastructures and administrative supervisory positions were discussed by OLTEC and YPAN

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    Κ&tau ;ιριακΕς υποδομΕς και διοικητι&kappa ;ες εποπτικες θεσεις συζorτησαν ΟΛ&Tau ;ΕΚ και ΥΠΑΝ

    Building infrastructure and administrative supervisory positions were discussed by OLTEC and YPAN – What the President of OLTEC says

    About building infrastructure, and specifically the location of the projects related to technical education, as well as for the orderly functioning of technical education in terms of administrative and supervisory positions (inspectors), discussed by the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Athina Michailidou, and the leadership of OLTEC, in their meeting today at the Ministry, as the President of the Organization, Panagiotis Lysandros, stated in the KYPE.

    < p>He added that they are expected to meet with the Minister again, because they did not have time to cover all the issues they wanted to raise with her.

    Answering a question, Mr. Lysandrou said that regarding the matter of the buildings, the Minister of Education reiterated to them that the works in Limassol to replace the A'Technique, which started in March 2023, are continuing, that in three to four months they will start the works for the Technical School in Larnaca that will replace the Technical School of Agios Lazaros, and that the works continue in the Second Technical School in Limassol, which had started long before the current Government took over.

    “Essentially, he told us about two projects that are in progress and one that is expected to start,” he added. that a decision has been made to carry out an investigation to show if it should be done and where it should be done, while for the new Paphos Technical School he told them that the Ministry is taking steps so that it can be done in Empa.

    “We also told her that we want to investigate whether the new Technical School can be built in Paphos and in other places”, he noted.

    The President of OLTEK stated that the Minister of Education told them that they would be sent soon written information on the actions that have been taken for the new Technical School in Paphos, in the greater Nicosia area, the additional projects in Polis Chrysochous, as well as the additional projects for the Technical School in Paralimni.

    Regarding the Technical School of Paralimni, Mr. Lysandrou said that it is very small, has few specializations and in no case is it considered to be a normal Technical School and the existing one should either be expanded significantly or a place should be found to become a new Technical School. given that Paralimni and the wider region is a vitally important area with a very large population and very important economic activity.

    Therefore it is necessary to have a Technical School in Paralimni that accommodates, if possible, all specialties and branches of the students, he said.

    Regarding this issue, she continued, the Minister of Education told them that she will also investigate it and tell them whether the existing Technical School can either be expanded or a new Technical School can be built.

    When asked what the conclusion they drew as OLTEC from the meeting, Mr. Lysandrou said that they did not have time to cover all the issues they wanted to raise with the Minister, due to the fact that she had another obligation and they agreed that they will meet again very soon.

    “The general conclusion is that in Technical Education there are many issues, many fronts, that we must see and move forward with. We recognize that there is a lot of work to be done, but we will all have to work so that we can have meaningful and tangible results. A very important part is the proper functioning of Technical Education in relation to the administrative supervisory positions and the new organizational positions that we expect to be given this year”, he added.

    Other issues, he said, that they will discuss at the next meeting besides of the completion of the debate on the administrative supervisory positions, is the issue of professional orientation and the improvement of the way of information for high school students and parents, the issue of the utilization of educational material from Greece, which today they only briefly had time to discuss, the issue of the knowledge of the Greek language to a satisfactory degree by the students with an immigrant background, and the issue of the promotion of technical education programs beyond morning schooling.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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