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Burlotto in education due to four months-Students, parents, teachers against the Ministry of Education

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The four-month exams put a damper on the education sector, with the uproar caused by the leak of the New Greek exam essay topics being the icing on the cake, with students, teachers and parents ready to take action, immediately after the end of the examination period. At the same time, the reactions to the Ministry's handling of the problem that arose with the leak continue and Prodromos Prodromou is under fire from all the agencies involved.

The developments of the last few days, combined with the tense atmosphere that prevailed in the surrounding atmosphere, also due to the case of the private school, which advertised that it does not apply the four-month exams, caused the intense discomfort of the bodies involved in education, who once again united on a strong front and are ready to react with all the means at their disposal. Despite the fact that in less than two months the Ministry of Education will change hands, those directly affected, who are none other than the students, consider that the knot has reached the comb and they should immediately take measures.

Both the students, as well as the parents and teachers, have decided to be very careful in the next few days, given that until January 27 there are scheduled exams, as they do not want to disturb the already troubled waters and give the students their time to complete their examination period with relative calm.

However, PSEM is also strongly disturbed by the decisions made by the Ministry of Education regarding the case of the leak and even attributes to its political leader an unacceptable attitude, as it considers that he ignored them even on the day when the uproar was caused, which he submitted the recommendation to cancel the exams that day, but also during the decision-making process for the students who were affected, effectively tying the hands of those who were tested.

In the meantime, the students' organization declares that it does not intend to accept the victimization of any of its classmates, given that the Ministry of Education has also launched an investigation into the circumstances under which the 257 students left school or protested and did not sit for the exams.< /p>

“There should be no punishment, but an apology”

Besides, the teachers' organization declares itself ready to react, in case there is any sanction against the students who did not work hard in the exams, as they are the only ones who paid the price of the teacher's reckless act, which endangered their future.

“What the Ministry of Education did is the minimum obligation to the specific students who did not take the New Greek course. Against them, not only should there be no punishment, but there should also be an apology for the situation. It was a sad administration, since the decisions were not taken immediately and there were students who were in a bad psychological state”, the president of OELMEK, Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos, indicated to REPORTER.

However, as the days pass and the picture becomes clearer, more details are coming to light, regarding the situation that prevailed in the schools, during the premiere of the four-month exams. In particular, information came to the knowledge of the teachers stating that students had progressed far enough with the paper and were ready to complete it, before the invigilators revoked it, while in another school, the decision to stop the exam was given at 11:25, five i.e. minutes before the resumption of the examination with the reserve paper, for the rest of the schools.

“It was a nightmare. Some instructions were not sent in writing and were only verbal. There are many problems that arose from the management and the decision of the Ministry does not solve all of them. There are students who were prepared for the first paper and did not do well in the second”.

Complaints about difficult writings continue

At the same time, the four-month exam process is in full swing, with student and teacher organizations constantly receiving complaints about the difficulty of the papers. Most of the reports have to do with the 3rd High School Mathematics paper, since the students who were examined found that it is a rather difficult essay, with a high degree of difficulty and a long duration. In fact, the complaints received by the organizations stated that there were several students who did not have time to finish the paper in the time available to them.

At the same time, complaints also arrive about the Mathematics essay for the 3rd grade. High School, with reports of a fairly difficult essay. The agencies involved have decided to collect all the complaints that will reach them and then act on it.  

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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