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Bus drivers want canopies, cameras and… fines-The security measures they put on the table

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<p data-block-key=The straw that broke the camel's back for anger and patience was the second incident of violence against a bus driver in just one week in Nicosia, with the drivers' unions coming forward and asking for a series of measures to protect the profession, since, as they claim, they are exposed to danger every day.

Despite the fact that the immediate arrest of the aggressor by the Police, who attacked the driver both verbally and physically, the bus drivers want measures to be taken in a specific direction, in order to avoid quarrels between themselves and passengers. In fact, because there is a strong effervescence among the drivers due to the successive incidents of violence, the unions have asked the professionals to give the Ministry of Transport time to consider their demands before proceeding with strong reaction measures.

It is worth noting that in addition to the two incidents that occurred within a week, in the previous months there were similar incidents involving students, with whom the drivers came into conflict.

The SEGDAMELIN-PEO and OMEPEGE-SEK unions held their first meeting last Friday, with the passenger transport coordinator, to whom suggestions and opinions were submitted, on how the environment can be made safer and a greater sense of security given, which will create deterrent conditions for passengers who intend to carry out such acts.

In his statements to REPORTER, the General Secretary of Transport of the Greek Federation of Transport, Charalambos Augusti, stated that “recommendations were submitted in a specific direction, with the creation of a protocol to deal with these incidents, which will be followed by both our member drivers and the rest of the authorities, such as the companies , the Police and the Ministry of Transport, in order to better deal with the incidents that occur. We want to create the proper safety conditions for the bus drivers and certainly, they can't have a policeman with them, or a security guard, it would just be good to create an environment that will prevent those who have it in their mind, to carry out aggressive actions”.

The measures that were put on the table are the creation of canopies on the buses, as well as the installation of security cameras, but first the Personal Data Commissioner will have to give the green light, as the trade unions estimate that when there are incidents of violence, the Police will be able to to use the closed circuit to identify the perpetrators. The unions are also calling for legislation to be amended so that bus inspectors have the ability to fine anyone who does not hold a ticket, or even remove them from the bus, as they currently do not have the power to do so. do.

In addition, another proposal that has been on the table is to simplify the process with the money collected by the drivers and to implement electronic tickets, so that payments are made with cards and the drivers do not have money in their hands, since as can be seen, with large amounts of coins and notes, there are greater risks for theft incidents.

Asked if there is a response from the Ministry of Transport to their requests, Mr. Augusti said that, “during the first meeting with the Ministry, the installation of cameras on buses was put on the table and we received a promise that the issue would be expedited. As far as the digitalization of tickets is concerned, this is the responsibility of the Ministry to inspect them and proceed with the procedures for the use of the cards”.

What has become clear anyway , is that both the unions and the bus companies, as well as the authorities, are in a common position and for this reason it has been decided to give time credit, until a new meeting takes place next week in the presence of the minister, to put again on the table the requests of the drivers. “Since the serious issue concerning the bus drivers has come to light, we expect to see how quickly the procedures can be expedited. But if incidents of violence continue to increase, then immediate action should be taken. The only certain thing, however, is that we do not want to close the buses completely and inconvenience thousands of people”, Mr. Augustis concluded.

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Source: reporter.com.cy

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