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It covers all the communication needs of organizations and increases their efficiency

Συνεγτησ επιιρσ εων το Epic Business One

Epic's Product Marketing & Strategy, Mr. Vasilios Kaloudas


p>Epic “launches” a new business plan that offers a comprehensive solution for all the communication needs of a business, thus contributing to its smooth operation and increasing its efficiency.

Speaking to “K”, Product Marketing &amp ; Strategy of Epic, Mr. Vasilios Kaloudas, gives the stamp of the new product, “Epic Business One” and mentions the services that are integrated in an “umbrella”, which – as he emphasizes – can be adapted according to the size of the organization.

In his interview, he notes that Epic invests tens of millions of euros every year in the development and upgrade of the award-winning mobile networks and the independent proprietary fiber optic network.

At the same time, he expresses the position that the digital transition is crucial target for all businesses in Cyprus, as they remain competitive in a dynamically evolving environment.

– What are the new services and products offered by Epic in the sector of B2B;
Epic is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Cyprus. Epic's business arm provides all necessary services as well as specialized business advisors, and is next to businesses and their needs. Epic provides integrated mobile and fixed telephony services, internet, connectivity, collaboration and specialized ICT solutions for businesses. These services are coming together in Epic Business One which can cover all the communication needs of businesses, thus contributing to its smooth operation as well as increasing its efficiency.

– How and how does this “umbrella” differentiate you from the competition?
Every business, regardless of size or type, has basic needs that must be met. These needs are added to the already existing great demands and challenges that every entrepreneur faces while running their business.

Epic, once again, is close to businesses with Epic Business One, and this new business plan includes all the essential services for running a business, whether it's two people or a whole team.

All the necessary services are integrated into one umbrella, which can be adjusted according to the size of the organization, offering a suitable mix with all the necessary tools for the business. These services include fast and seamless access to the Internet via fiber optic circuits (100%), advanced landline telephony with call center services, the award-winning Webex by CISCO application for collaboration that allows you to have your landline and your call center with all functions on all devices (mobile, computer, tablet) both in and out of the office and a 5G Unlimited Max mobile plan for unlimited data, SMS and talk minutes.

All these services are offered through Epic Business One in one plan with a low monthly cost. In addition, they can be adapted to the size and needs of each business, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity. All this shows the competitive advantage of Epic Business as it brings important features without requiring high investment from businesses and remains flexible being easy to adapt to changing business needs.

Epic invests tens of millions of euros every year in developing and upgrading its award-winning mobile networks and independent proprietary fiber optic network.

Work from anywhere

– How important is the utilization of combinations of fixed and mobile interconnection technologies for a business?
It is essential that we understand and then leverage all the tools that the combination of technologies provides us for the benefit of business. This combination can lead to increased productivity as it allows us to work from anywhere, efficiently and quickly. Organizations, regardless of size, can now never miss a call, regardless of whether people are in the office. The ability to expand business operations through new collaboration tools and call center services is provided without the need for equipment investment. In addition, support management becomes easier, as everything is gathered under one umbrella, while service customizations are made quickly and efficiently according to needs. Finally, it allows the business to limit its expenses by consolidating them into one plan and reaping significant benefits from the combined discounts provided.

– How much money does Epic invest in the technology sector?
Epic invests tens of millions of euros every year in developing and upgrading its award-winning mobile networks and independent proprietary fiber network. At the same time, as a technology company, we invest every year in new partnerships and technological tools to be able to help Cypriot businesses by providing them with all the necessary supplies.

11 thousand businesses

– How does Epic help in the digital transition of Cypriot businesses?
The trust shown by more than 11,000 Cypriot businesses in our business products is due to their continuous upgrading. We provide businesses with critical tools that equip them to meet today's challenges. Through these tools, businesses can operate effectively remotely, collaborate effectively, manage their equipment and call center remotely through cloud-based applications, and receive technology solutions tailored to their needs through diverse teams of experts.

– Do you consider the funds absorbed by the Recovery and Resilience Fund to be pivotal for the future of telecommunications in businesses?
The digital transition is a critical goal for all businesses in Cyprus, as it allows us to remain competitive in a dynamically evolving environment. Funds from the Recovery and Resilience Fund are vital resources for the future growth of telecommunications in business. These funds can be used to upgrade infrastructure, introduce new technologies such as 5G, strengthen cyber security, develop IoT applications and digital services. Through these investments, businesses can strengthen their competitiveness, improve their productivity and adapt to changes in the digital landscape. In addition, they can help create jobs and boost the economy. Overall, this investment has the potential to bring long-term benefits to both business and society as a whole.

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