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But because of you you need 4/5!

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But because of you you need 4/5!

They are trying to alter the championship and they are also asking for change from those who are trying to save its credibility!

Costas Christodoulou “Karavidas” appeared in his statements to Active furious, not only with all the big teams that oppose the request for amendment of the announcement and maintenance of the 14 teams for the new season, but also because / 4/5 of the votes are required to pass that request.

He even described it as a scandal (!!!) that a simple majority is not enough and 4/5 of the votes are needed, adding: “Our legal advisor is examining all the data and you can be sure that there will be a reaction. Rest assured that next summer there will be a great revolution in the field of football and you will see it “.

But, Mr. Christodoulou, do you not realize that EXACTLY for this reason 4/5 of the votes are needed?

Do you not realize that it is because of what was done by you agents in the previous years, that this statutory change was made, so that the proclamation can not be modified in the slightest?

We remind you of an announcement of the KOP in May 2015:

“At today's Extraordinary Statutory Assembly of the KOP, the statutory changes proposed by the Board of Directors of the Federation were voted. According to the Statutory changes, in order for any change to occur in the announcement of any Championship, it must be voted by a 4/5 majority of the present members of the Board of Directors of KOP “.

In fact, according to the late president of KOP Kostakis Koutsokoumnis, this change was made “to ensure that there will be no changes in the way the Championships are held, after they are announced”.

In short, the KOP (very correctly) amended the articles of association in order to stop the phenomenon of continuous amendments to the proclamation. And even so it risks being modified again!

So did you think that a simple majority was needed (as then) to amend a proclamation? This would mean that he would pass any change with just 11/21 votes, that is, even if all six big teams were opposed to most people, maybe even if they disagreed; right for them to decide for themselves).

We are sorry if it bothers but the fact that 4/5 of the votes are required saves us from the very worst…

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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