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Buzzer beater six by Ward!

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In the last second, the Egyptian gave Apollon victory against AEK, sealing a place in the first group

Buzzer beater εξαδας απo Ουαρντα!

Great win for Apollo with Ward's “buzzer beater”! The “blue and white” despite their numerical disadvantage from the 51st minute, found their mental reserves and won a heroic victory. The goals of the match were scored by Donio 64', Milicevic 76' and Warda 90+7'.

First half

Apollonas entered the match better which from the first minutes put pressure on AEK and did not allow them to play their game.

The first good phase came for the “blue and white” in the 8th minute, with Donio catching a shot in motion from the right side of the area and the ball goes over the posts.

At 21', Antone's team missed a big chance to open the scoring! Pittas took the ball from the right, converged in the area, made a diagonal pass with Piric making a save.

In the very next minute, the Larnaca team “answered” with Iakolis making the cross. from the left, Rosales in the first half to take the shot and send the ball past Jovanovic's right crossbar.

The match continued with several strong monarchies, intensity and passion that did not allow the game to take a fast pace.

Thus the two teams were led to the dressing room with 0-0 as the halftime score

< p>2nd half

The 2nd half started at a slow pace, with AEK having the initiative of the movements and Apollo wanting to become threatening through counterattacks.

In the 51st minute of the match, the Limassol team was left with 10 players after Hamas received a second yellow card for drama. According to the replay, the Croatian ref's decision to send off the Apollo defender was excessive.

So with AEK having a numerical disadvantage, he put pressure on the opponent and missed a great chance in the 54th minute! Iakolis crossed from the left with Pons getting the header and Jovanovic making an instinctive save.

However, against the flow of the match, the “blue and white” opened the scoring with Donio in the 65th minute! Warda crossed from the left, Pittas went down, took the shot with Piric blocking and the scorer taking the rebound to make it 1-0.

Eleven minutes later, however, her team Larnakas found the solution with Milicevic! Faraz crossed from the right with the AEK stopper unmarked in the heart of the Apollon area and from close range easily sent the ball into the net.

In the final minutes, the Oltra team suffocated the opponent and missed a great phase in the 83rd minute, with Farage's diagonal cross from the left of the area going just over Jovanovic's posts.

Where everything it looked like the two teams would share one point each, Warda came to rescue Apollo! After a poor defensive behavior by AEK, the Egyptian went alone face to face with Piric, spotting the latter for the final 2-1!

Thus the Limassol team got a great victory fighting for more than 40 minutes with a player less.


Apollon (Anton): Jovanovic, Peyburns, Pittas (87' Ba), Iliev (66' Artimatas), Roberges, Hamas, Hambos, Filiotis (46' Ekpolo), Donio (66' Kol), Warda, Hedi (54' Sahar).

AEK (Oltra): Piric, Tomovic, Casas, Ledes, Triskovski (90' Mamas), Lopes, Milicevic, Rosales (72' Farage), Pons (90' Sanjurjo), Englesou (62' Naum), Iakolis (72' Nikolic).

Scorers: 64' Donio, 90+7' Warda/76' Milicevic

Yellows: 32' Hamas, 45' Warda/-

Reds: 51' Hamas/-

< p>Referee: Bebek Ivan

VAR: Kolaric Patrik

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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