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“By a rough estimate it will be about 11,000”

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The president of Aris, Lysandros Lysandrou, spoke (on SPORT FM) about the issue that arose with the capacity of the new stadium in Limassol.

“What emerges is that the whole issue that has been released does not correspond to reality. That's why we asked for clarifications, the supervising engineer of the project was there. The stadium can currently accommodate 12,600 seats. The issue is how to get in. If we want to make a stadium that will not be comfortable we can make it 12 600. We said we want to make a stadium that is safe and comfortable. “Let it be 11,000 or 11,500 seats.”

“The point is that the plans that have been made are very sparse. From what I understand the architect has predicted that it will be a stadium of 12,600 seats. We knew it was 12,600. What happened was that we could make a 12,600 stadium, but there would not be the width that should exist for the corridors and one seat would be next to the other. It has been heard that we ordered smaller or larger seats, the seats are exactly as planned, 42 points. “The space between the corridors is pending, we can reduce them, but do we want to do that?” He added.

If there will be a reduction of seats: “At the moment I speak like Aris but after the communication we had we decided that we want a comfortable and safe stadium. There will be a reduction of places “.

How many seats will be: “I think this afternoon we will know, but by a rough estimate it will be about 11,000”.

If luxury seats have been ordered: “No, this has not been done. I personally do not have such information. It is not the unions that order the seats, it is based on the specifications “.

If the CMO can order seats: “If the CMO placed this order it means that it was in the original plan, which had a lot of imperfections. For example, the lighting, the parking lots, but they are slowly being corrected. This was done to have a modern stadium. The stadium continues in the original plan, with the exception of some changes that need to be made, such as the lighting. “These changes do not have huge costs as written on the right and left.”

On the total cost of the stadium: “I do not know this, the information is the same as yours, that it is about 33 million.

For the capacity: The position of the clubs is that close to 12-13 thousand is the ideal for the data, The stadium became a base with the attendance of the people in the stadiums. “Whether we like it or not, the attendance of the people is somewhere there.”

When they will know about the capacity of the stadium: “We will have an update this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest”.

“Like Aris, we want a stadium that everyone will enjoy. “The information we have is that the stadium will be delivered on August 25”, he added.

On the issue of aids: “The issue of aids is something that we will discuss in the meeting we will have with the President of the Republic, as we will discuss the issue with parking.”

“I think there is good will, at least in terms of clubs, I think at the end of the day we can find the right and proper for the stadium. We want what will be done to meet the expectations of all of us. “We want a stadium that serves the needs of the next 20 years,” he added.

For Aris : “We started very well and we continue like this. We lost to AEL, for 20 minutes it was better for us and justly scored the two goals and could have scored a third goal. We reacted, we did not win but we see the continuation. Let's go to Larnaca to beat AEK. “Our goals are the six and Europe.”

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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