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Cabinet: These are the benefits he distributed – Sends vacationers retirees

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Cabinet: These are the benefits he distributed - Sends vacationers retirees

The Council of Ministers distributed financial aid to trapped artists and producers yesterday, while sending about 3,200 retirees on subsidized holidays.

In particular, yesterday the Council of Ministers approved the subsidy plan for young caged couples for the construction / expansion of a house with immediate effect and authorized the Commissioner of the Presidency, Mr. Fotis Fotiou, to supervise its implementation. The plan is to provide financial assistance to trapped couples of up to 45 years living in the occupied territories, so that, if they wish, they can expand their existing home or build a new one, as well as equip it with household Appliances. The maximum amount that each applicant can benefit is € 15,000 for the construction / expansion of a house and € 2,000 for the purchase of household appliances. The proposed project will last until the end of November 2023.

In addition, the Council of Ministers yesterday approved an amount of € 3,067,500 in order to be paid as a bonus to 2,045 artists. The Council of Ministers, with its decisions on 3/2/2021 and 23/3/2021, had approved additional measures for culture, including the support of artists, with the payment of a bonus of € 1,500 for each artist and concession of € 2,550,000 for 1,700 artists. In addition, the Council of Ministers approved the holiday subsidy plan for low-income retirees in mountain resort hotels and the Tillyria Tower for the period from 1/9/2021 to 22/12/2021. The cost for the implementation of the project for the participation of approximately 3,200 people is estimated at € 500,000.


At yesterday's meeting of the Council of Ministers, it was decided to strengthen the banana growing sector with the total amount of € 100,000, which will be distributed as a hectare aid of a maximum of € 400 / eligible hectare. It was also decided to financially support 15 potato growers, after examining the objections submitted to the Department of Agriculture, in the amount of € 12,000.

The unpaid fines

The Council of Ministers made amendments to the existing legislation governing the leasing of vehicles and out-of-court fines, including provisions for the obligations of both the lessee-owner and the lessor, for the payment of fines arising during the lease period from driving and circulation of the leased vehicle. The specific amendments are expected to finally settle the issue of collection of extrajudicial fines arising from drivers of rental vehicles, most of whom are tourists who leave Cyprus without paying the extrajudicial fines they received. As indicatively mentioned, from data provided by the Police and the municipalities, for the period 1/1/2015 – 31/12/2019, 19,529 out-of-court fines related to motor rental vehicles have not been paid.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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