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Cablenet Breaks the 10% Market Share Barrier in Mobile Telephony Subscribers

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and rises to the 3rd place, according to the official data of GERIET

Η Cablenet σπαζει το φραγμα του 10% με&rho ;ιδΙου αγορας σε συνδρομητeς συμ&beta

In absolute relation to the financial results of Cablenetfor 2023, were the official statistics announced by the Office of the Commissioner for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Posts (GERIET), for the market of Electronic Communications until the end of 2023. According to the figures released, Cablenet conquers all and a greater percentage of subscribers, thus confirming its leading role in the Mobile Telephony market, with excellent prospects for further growth.

Within 2.5 years of the official launch as a full Mobile Telephony provider, Cablenet succeeded in breaking the barrier of 10% market share of contract subscriptionsand rise to the 3rd place, while in the prepaid service, it was the company with the largest increase in connections in 2023.

Η Cablenet σπàζει το φρàγ&mu ;α του 10% μεριδου αγορας σε συνδρ&omicron ;μητΕς συμβολαΙου Κινητorς Τηλεφ&omega ;νiας

Mobile Telephony. The Company currently holds 10.1% of the contract subscription market in Cyprus.
It is worth noting that the market of contract subscribers in 2023, increased by 53,750 subscriptions, of which 51% chose Cablenet as their telecommunications provider.

In the prepaid service, Cablenet was the Telecommunications company that during the years 2022-2023, recorded an impressive 4.9% increase in its market share, currently holding 9.3% of the market. The rate of increase in new connections noted was 106% compared to 2022.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Cablenet >, Mr. Pampos Mosesos stated: “The official statistics of the Department of Electronic Communications, prove the dedication of Cablenet to its goal and its persistence in achieving its goal: to become the Cablenet company of choice for the public, both for quality products and its services, but also for its impeccable service. We are honored by the trust of our subscribers and determined for even greater achievements.”

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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