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Call for Justice Reform by personalities and organized groups – Read the names

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“An open letter to the Cypriot state to expedite the passage of the bills for the reform of the administration of justice” is signed by personalities and organized groups, who believe that the justice system in our country has reached its limits. “The problem of the dysfunction of Justice has been known for a long time & # 8211; It was included, for example, in the first Memorandum with the International Lenders, in international reports on the competitiveness of the Cypriot economy, etc. ” , honorary ambassadors, former officials of ministries and the Central Bank, academics, businessmen, doctors, architects, accountants, economists, lawyers, business consultants, etc.

The collection of signatures was organized by Andreas Matsis (businessman), Marios Clerides (economist) and Michalis Sarris (economist, former Minister of Finance).

Call for Justice Reform

We are deeply concerned about the observed delay in the passage of Justice Reform bills.

This reform has been discussed for years. Various bills have been drafted that have been widely debated both publicly and in the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs. There were many suggestions/amendments submitted by parties, MPs, the Ministry of Justice, the Pancyprian Bar Association and other stakeholders.

The discussion is now exhausted. The voting of the bills by the Plenary is not a partisan issue, not even a political one. It is national. A state where the citizen will have to wait 15-20 years for a case to be finalized cannot be called a Rule of Law or a European State. Citizens no longer trust the system and avoid access to justice.

Their vote is an obligation of the state to the citizens, especially now, when those most prominent, the Supreme Court, warn that if the Reform is not implemented soon, a complete collapse of the current system is imminent. This will have serious consequences for the citizens, for the businesses, for the economy but also for the numerous foreigners who have invested in Cyprus, considering that we have a reliable justice system. We appeal to the Parliament to proceed quickly with the passing of the relevant bills.



Cyprus Commercial & amp; Chamber of Industry

Federation of Employers & Industrialists

Cyprus Confederation of Workers (SEC)

Association for the Acceleration of Justice

Nicosia Friends Association


Anastasiadis Pavlos

Antoniou Michalis

Appios Giorgos


Aresti Giorgos

Afxentiou Loizos

Achniotis Haris Vassileiou Andreas

Georgiadou Lenia

Georgiou Andri

Dimitriadis Marios

Dimitriou Andreas

Epifaniou Fanos

Erotokritos Michalakis Zachariadis Marios

Zenios Stavros

Iliadis Marios

Theodoulou Othonas

Theodorou Pieris

Thomas Alexis

Ierodiakonou Leontios

Clerides Marios

Clerides Sofronis

Kounidou Isabella

Lefkaritis Dinos

Loizidis Konstantinos

Lord Dinos

Lord Zoi

Maroudias Nikos

Matsas Andreas

Matsis Andreas


Matsis Giannis

Matsis Symeon

Mavrommatis Manthos

Mavroudis Giorgos

Meletiou Agni

Meletiou Marios

Metaxas Nontas

Milidonis Andreas

Montanios Eleftherios Erik

Neophytou Renos Xenopoulos Xenios

Xydas Konstantinos

Economou Giorgos

Panagidis Panos

Partasidis Christakis

Peristianis Nikos

Pegasiou Adonis

Pogiatzi Suzana Pittas Andreas

Sarris Michalis

Skaliotis Loukis

Skouloukos Paris

Stavrinidis Zenon

Sykas C Nikos Tanou Elena

Taousianis Takis

Tillyros Panagiotis

Tirkidis Ioannis

Tsiakkis Marios

Charalambous Haris

Charalambous Andreas

Charalambous Giorgos

Chatzihambis Dimitris Akis

Christofidis Konstantinos

Christofidis Louis

< p> Nicosia 26/01/2022

Source: politis.com.cy

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